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Thursday, 4 September, 2008

An old Story

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Not too good a piece, hair I can see all sorts of issues with it, pestilence but hopefully not a waste of your time.

The evening began with Flowersz sitting in the Honor Hold inn resting and enjoying a well earned meal with perhaps a quiet drink or ten. At least that was the plan, infection if only it wasn’t for the group of scrawny elven warriors who clearly weren’t up to paying attention to anything as difficult as a plan. Every once in a while another one of the long eared androgynous boys would come over and try to strike up a conversation, usually about themselves, their current knitting project, or in a particularly egocentric case just exactly how cute his butt was.

Honestly! It wasn’t as if Flowersz was trying to give of “those” signals, she’d not even polished her horns tonight, let alone sharpened them. Bored with the latest attempt to hit on her she looked across the inn and briefly caught the eyes of a young dwarf before he looked down and fed his purring companion another piece of raw meat. Now that’s a bit more like it, she thought, proper broad shoulders, and, if you squinted a bit, you could even imagine the shiny, well groomed, and plaited beard was covering some handsome tentacles. Not that she was looking for that kind of thing mind you, today was definitely about business, not pleasure, but still…

Eventually after a humorously disastrous attempt at mumbly peg with a knitting needle the current representative of the best that elven warriorhood had to offer left to rejoin his mates, clutching his bleeding hand. When she saw yet another bravo begin to get up from the group Flowersz panicked, stood, and practically ran over to the hunter, still alone at his table, and introduced herself.

Venom Squid, a most unusual name for a child of the land-bound race, was far more entertaining than his slightly shy nature suggested, and happened to be good company. Even more interestingly, he too, was here on the same business as she: To find and kill Drillmaster Zurok. Clearly some administrative cock-up had happened somewhere amongst the Munqui Tribe officers for them to send two operatives to terminate the same thorn in the side of the Alliance. Squid had done his research and had a cunning plan, rather than go in full frontal as it were, he’d brought some ropes and intended to “sneak in through the side door”.

Meals complete they retired and after a hearty breakfast the morning set out…

Before too long they were at the top of a cliff, and below them they could see their target and a few of his henchmen. VS holds a finger to his lips and unslinging his rifle quietly and methodically begins picking off the henchmen one by one. Flowersz, in a rash mood, leaves ‘Squid to it and begins to scale the cliffs to engage the only henchman her companion cannot see because of an overhanging rock. The fight’s going well when suddenly Zurok charged around the corner, attracted by the noise. If it weren’t for the agile ‘Squid leaping down from high and joining battle Flowersz would have been in serious trouble. VS dispatched the evil Drillmaster single-handedly in an impressive whirl of axe blows, pausing only long enough to fatally wound Flowersz opponent.

Unfortunately in VS’s rapid descent the scaling ropes became unhitched, and the only way out was now “through the front door”. After a brief discussion the two Munquis decide that, objective achieved, a hasty exit is the simplest solution. They both summon their steeds and race off past the remaining guards who start to give chase. They had barely left the encampment before VS is knocked from his mount. Flowersz hearing his cry looked back and seeing a wall of Orcs between herself and the mighty VS, thinks there’s nothing for it but to try and draw off the remaining guards, leaving VS to fend for himself – cringing inside for being so cowardly. She manages to shake off most of the pursuit, but at the last moment a lucky stone throw, catches her on the back of the head and knocks her off her sabre mount. The guards leave her for dead and head back to where the main battle is taking place, back to the solitary VS!

When Flowersz regains consciousness she sees she is on her own, and prepares to re-mount. As the ringing in her ears begins to fade she can still hear the sounds of a furious battle behind her, gunshots and a loud growling. Finally there is a sudden agonized scream and all is quiet. She sneaks back, plagued by guilt at abandoning her team mate, to the cliff edge above the battle. Descending the cliff, once more, determined to retrieve the body for a decent burial she searches through the corpses, kicking the piles of limbs and mangled torsos to one side in case the sturdy dwarf has fallen underneath one of the disgusting creatures.

Flowersz searched on, unaware she was being watched by a smiling blood covered observer. “Hello missy, so you came back then?” chortled ‘Squid emerging from behind a cart with a bottle of Dwarven Stout in his hand and his ever present, though smeared with blood, hunter’s companion by his side.

Flowersz started, “But how? There were”, a quick count of legs and dividing by two, ” seven of them.”

VS laughed, “yeah, well, only seven.”.

Overjoyed F hugs the modest Dorf and swings him around. When she finally put him down he grinned and said “Next time, stick with me and Fluffy, little missy, and you’ll not be getting any more of those lumps on your head.” His smile widened even more, took another swig and said “We neither of us would want your pretty tail to get any more bent”. Fluffy purred in agreement.

“Next time”, thought Flowersz, he said “next time!”.

First attempt at characterization

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Yeah, link so here’s a page with some thoughts on quite who Flowersz is. At the moment it’s all surface with no depth, youth health I’m hoping it will deepen as I start looking at what is happening to her in WoW from this direction.

I’ve got an old RP story on the Munqui site that I may well re-visit.

I’m already tempted to try the RP walk even though it means I’ll have to press some funny keys on my keyboard.

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