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Friday, 5 September, 2008

A shortie

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Not a story about Flowersz, neurosurgeon but an old vignette about my main at the time…

Szar’s story

The inn was full of smoke and, for a change, filled with a rowdy boisterous mob, seemingly drinking to forget. What they were forgetting was unclear, most of the new crowd had drunk enough to forget their own names. Quietly watching from a dark corner, nursing his glass of milk, and still dripping from the rain, was a gnome. He was dressed in poorly matched, badly fitted, clothing. His cloak, indeed everything he was wearing, was covered in stains as if it had belonged to someone who had died from a very messy illness. Given the quite how filthy his cloak was it was probably that more than one unfortunate had died. In contrast the gnome’s young face was clean, with a carefully trimmed cavalier beard (gnomes get their beards early), and a quiet happy smile.

Suddenly, for how else would it have happened on a dark night, a young watchman burst in. At first ignored, gradually everyone began to pay attention, caught by descriptions of the dead who were no longer dead and wolves who were no longer wolves. A muscly armored man, with a certain aura, seemed particularly interested and, stepping forwards, carefully got the full story from the young woman. He sobered rapidly, gaining both in stature and presence, as she told her tale. When her story was complete she was ushered into the kitchen by the cook and the paladin, Brastfield, stood straight, and with a clear voice asked for the Mayor.

The gnome, Szar, was not unaffected by the tale, but despite his lack of years, was smart enough to know when not to get involved. After a short “discussion” between the paladin and the mayor the drunken horde girded their loins, metaphorically in most cases, and shouldered their way out through the doors. Szar took the opportunity to sit closer to the fire, shuck his boots and warm his little toes. He was still there when the triumphant tribe returned.

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