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Wednesday, 10 September, 2008

Good, but not good enough

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Another progression post…

After canceling Tuesdays Kara run, order it was re-instated ad-hoc to start an hour later. Mondays team had cleared all except the two dragons so that’s what we were after. It went so-so, Netherspite went down after one wipe, but Nightbane was another story.

Four wipes later we did manage to tame the beast, after a certain degree of swapping out of toons and bringing in some of the “big” boys. At least we did manage it, it was our last attempt (win or lose), so we didn’t go home defeated.

Flowersz unfortunately did not bring her A game to the fight, more of an A- or B+. Despite that I still managed to quite enjoy the whole event, it’s quite something that we’re getting good enough to down dragons!

Sue’s getting used to the idea that I’m “busy” at one night a week and I should take advantage of that to raid at least once a week, it keeps the game alive for me. Heh, heh, I’ve just thought if Mondays raid is clearing all bar the two dragons then they got 15 Badges compared to my 4, I should join Mondays raid! No, I’m not being serious.

Also I had serious computer trouble during the Air phase/Rain of Bones with my frame-rate dropping like a stone (it felt like 4 or even less). Facing away from the group made a huge difference here.

The Good:

  • Chain potting and Chain trinketing, I seem to be getting the hang of this.
  • Downranking heals, I think it was the last attempt where I really started to vigorously downrank and as a consequence didn’t have anything like the same mana issues.
  • Totem refreshing is getting natural, I hardly need the audio prompting, though it is still useful.

The So-So:

  • Not too far behind the leader on the healy meters. Second overall, but then the third healer wasn’t as well geared as Flowersz so no surprise there.
  • Probably could have used ManaTide one more time, it’s a question of deciding which phase to use it in.
  • Moved away from the tank to get out of an unlucky pair of Charred Earth spots which put me out of range, while I was making my weak excuses the RL pointed out that I should walk forwards. Tried that and it seems to work. Thx to the RL.

The Bad:

  • No heroism! Bah! The issue we have with Nightbane seems to be DPS and I had the tank and two DPS in my group, and still didn’t use it! Wally!
  • No Fire Elemental. OK, I did bring one of these in on an earlier wipe, but I didn’t use my hot little friend on any of the last few attempts, the next to last was quite close and it might just have tipped the scales.
  • Got too close to the dragon on a totem refresh and got splatted – wipe!

Here’s the Healy chart for all the attempts. Note the excessive number of deaths!

Not too shabby.

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