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Thursday, 11 September, 2008

Nerf points, class balancing and Anti-classes

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First off I should warn you  that  know hardly anything about PvP and this is a PvP post.

You hear an awful lot of moaning about how such and such a class is overpowered in PvP and I’ve had an idea that might give players the control to implement their own balancing. Drumroll, physiotherapist introducing Nerf Points!

The idea is that players have an unlimited number of nerf points that they can allocate. They’ll work a bit like resilience I guess (I know nothing about resilience except that it is a PvP kinda thing). If a player feels that a particular class, pathopsychology say rogue, nurse is too powerful against their class then they can assign some nerf points against that class which will increase their resilience, but only against that class. To balance things out though for every +1 nerf point allocated against one class all the other classes get -1 (or maybe -0.5 rounded up)  nerf points. So in making rogues weaker against you, you make priests, hunters and so on stronger.

To avoid cheating every time you change your nerf points you get a temporary ban against going into PvP arenas etc.

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