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Wednesday, 24 September, 2008


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The Munquis are getting good at Karazhan, try recording yet another full clear with only 3 boss wipes and one of those was a bug.

After last weeks surprise topping of the healing charts at Moroes, pilule Flowersz has stepped back to her rightful third place and was sat at 19% overall healing-done last night.

  • Curator 26%
  • Arran 13%
  • Illhoof 17%
  • Prince 18%
  • Netherspite 20%
  • Nightbane 16%
  • Trash 26%

I’m not surprised, oncologist an example of the competition she was up against: during an unsuccessful Nightbane attempt two of the healers died leaving the main healer and a backup healer successfully keeping the raid upright for ages before the backup healer finally got nuked. Even after that our stupendous lone Pally kept going for more than a minute before running out of mana.

It looks like, on a good day, the Munquis should be able to make a damn good attempt at Kara with only two good healers (not Flowersz). Flowersz was cancelling an awfull lot of heals last night and still hit 40-50% overheal (she wasn’t alone either). Ideally the extra DPS will speed things up and lower the healing effort.

Arch Rival

Ophidiane was on the raid last night, she’s a newly minted 70 in mostly blues. If you’ve been reading this blog for several months you may remember that she’s the Enhancement Shaman that was started around the same time as Flowersz and consistently put her leveling speed to shame. Fortunately for my ego she was put on hold for some time, but has recently been brought out of retirement. I had the privilege of grouping with her a week or so ago (when she was a mere level 68) and was very very impressed with how she was played, moving through the quests so fast that Flowersz barely had time to heal her before she was out of range! She brought all that skill along with her last night, topping the damage meters on several fights and took the role of “loot trashcan” walking away with several well deserved epics including  not just one, but two “of the fallen defender” pieces of Tier whatever shaman loot. Gratz as they say. She’s going to be even more dangerous now, and all those silly bosses in Kara had better watch out ‘coz they’re gonna get their noses proper bent!

Flowersz didn’t have to go away moping jealously (truly those items were well earned), she got a new shield – Dragonheart Flameshield, despite being Elemental kit it’s still got better stats than her slightly rusty and much dented Crystal Pulse Shield. I may be a saddo, but what impresses me the most is how it looks and the animation – IT TOTALLY ROCKS!


We had a strange incident on Prince. Tum-di-tum, there we were all healing away happily, chugging mana pots, refreshing  Earth Shields and all that when suddenly the tank is dead! The WWS logs show

20:59’21.634 T Flash of Light heals Shirtish for 1917.
20:59’21.634 S Flash of Light heals Shirtish for 1135.
20:59’22.137 Shirtish gains Earth Shield.
20:59’22.157 Shirtish Mangle (Bear) hits Prince Malchezaar for 497 Physical.
20:59’22.157 Prince Malchezaar suffers 390 Physical damage from Shirtish Lacerate.
20:59’22.913 Shirtish melee swing hits Prince Malchezaar for 726 Physical. (Critical)
20:59’23.276 Prince Malchezaar melee swing hits Shirtish for 2550 Physical.
20:59’23.848 Shirtish died.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but in this tiny little fragment we can see that Shirtish gains +3052 health from healing and loses 2550 health from damage, but still ended up dead! From my recollection he was feeling pretty damn healthy at the time, certainly more than 50% health (which is more than Flowersz entire health pool).

I declare a Bug!


I’ve recently added gfxToggle2 to my plugins in WoW, I thought it would make it easier to toggle to high quality graphics for taking screenies, and it does! What it doesn’t do is remember your current settings, so you can only select from low, medium, high.

Anyway a bit ago I took a screenie and set the quality back to “medium” and then, last night, die to “Charred Earth” when fighting Nightbane – I don’t usually do this because it’s quite obvious, the ground looks badly burnt. Except – the author of this particular addon has decided that Medium quality means setting the Spell Detail to minimum. At anything below 50% you simply can’t see the Charred Earth effect, ant the only way to tell that you are in it is to watch your debuffs like a hawk, wonder why your health is plummeting and why the Raid leader is shouting at you to get out of the Charred Earth when you can quite clearly see that you aren’t in it!

Sorry guys, that addon is now a “minus”-on!

Good, Bad and Ugly

No GBU section this weel, not because Flowersz is now perfect, but because it’s the same old stuff, small improvements, but nothing really worth writing about.


Did I mention that Dragonheart Flameshield looks truly mean?

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