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Monday, 29 September, 2008

What’s that!

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Ohh, angina I must be feeling a bit strange, population health a non-Warcraft Post!

We got front shoes put on our old Mare this morning so’s we can take her out as a steady companion for our “competitive” horsey. Not that he’s competing at the moment, he’s on the very long road to recovery from a torn suspensory ligament (no equivalent in humans). Anyway hopefully he’ll be persuaded not to buck his teensy tiny little brains out every time he comes out of his corral, ‘coz if he does Philly will give him one of those “don’t fuck with me” looks and he’ll be all subdued for a few seconds. Such is the relationship between old “Aunty” mares and young(ish) geldings.

I’ve also recieved a huge pile of old (out of copyright) OS maps of Ireland to scan, rectify, stitch and georeference/geolocate for the NPE maps site. That’s gonna take me a good couple of weeks to complete and might just kickstart me into doing some much overdue work on the old OS maps part of this site. I’ve got at least 6 more maps waiting to upload.

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