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Tuesday, 30 September, 2008

Shammy Lurve

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 11:26 am

I just saw a post on the Munqui forums that included the words: “if i level shammy” and suddenly I came over all nostalgic.

I don’t really know where these things come from, ophthalmologist but I really love playing my shaman. I loved all the melee bit while levelling, beating the hell out of things face to face (especially level 43 up). I love the healy stuff now I’m resto. I find the whole deciding whether to drop totems or not while fighting to be interesting enough without it being game-breaking (ofc being overgeared for your average mob helps). I don’t know why, but I’m glad I rolled a Shamanka.

Maybe I’ll feel differently when I’m leveling again in “coldlands” and have to make a choice between resto and elemental (I’d rather be Enhancement but I’ve not got the right clothes).

Another pointless post.

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