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Tuesday, 16 September, 2008


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Machine oil? That would be the Curator, urticaria soap should get rid of that. Getting a little low, youth health must remember to visit Griftah for some more. Food stains on the tabards, patient oh yes, Moroes, he never washes his hands. Pig!

I’m not even going to ask what the green stuff is – Gnomes really shouldn’t be let loose to run around the stables, their legs are just too short!

At least there’s only sweat stains from all the running around at the Opera, why can’t we just sit down and watch for once, I ask you? Audience participation is all well and good, and makes for a fun evening out, but sometimes that Barnes gets over excited and takes it all just too far!

Now what’s next? Oh yes, must darn those pin-hole burns in Brast’s socks, damn Illhoof’s Imps and their fireballs,  trying to set fire to everything!

Ah well, the Munqui’s are a good team, golden hearted all of them, and that Brast is a good warrior, darning his socks is only a small thing really. It could be worse, I could be doing for Prince. Have you seen the state of his knickers?

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