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Thursday, 25 September, 2008

WotLK second post

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Yeah yeah, patient two posts in one day – so sue me.

I can’t deny it, I’m looking forwards to Rash of the Itch King. It does mean my level 60 Warlock is going to be left even more behind, no more will I be able fool myself that one-day I might go back and level him to the cap, it will be almost exactly a year since I stopped questing on him when WotLK comes out. It also means my Druid (level 44 at the time of posting) may get left behind when I see how much more time it’s gonna take to cap her.

On the plus side this will be the first time I’ve been around for an expansion release with all the excitement that hopefully that will entail. Even better perhaps, there should be plenty of other toons around to group with – more pugging (and all its attendant brainache).

Other pluses: My healing gear should become better than usable as Elemental kit opening the way for re-speccing. It’s a shame I’m not over-enamoured of casting, though needs must I suppose. Even more reason for abandoning Szar in Ironforge.

An unexpected plus: it’s coming out in time for Christmas, this year I’ve a long holiday over the crimbo period so you never know… Last year it was pugging Flowersz through Scarlet Monastery (and that was quite fun), who knows what it will be this year.

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