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Thursday, 25 September, 2008


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I’ve not thought much about Rash of the Itch King, cialis 40mg but now it’s got a release date, more and it’s coming closer, ambulance I’m beginning to think about it at least a little bit. So here’s where I try to fix my thinking and maybe make a few plans……

Inscription and money making.

There’s a fair bit of talk about how there’s going to be a rush of players taking up the new inscription profession, the prediction seems to be that there will be a high demand for herbs which will push up the costs. Obviously this will “peak”, but it might be a time to make a killing on the AH.

My thoughts on this are that, yes, there will be a peak, but the lower level herbs aren’t worth much and new inscribers will leave them behind quite quickly. I’m guessing the best profits will be in the mid to high level herbs, this is where most professions get a little resource intensive. So, should I send my herbalist warlock out into the real world to gather and gather and gather? He’s only got a slow mount so he’d probably have to buy a faster one which is an investment of several hundred gold. Would it be more profitable to simply do dailies?

Gear for Flowersz

Flowersz is always wanting upgrades, though they are coming much more slowly now she’s in the early raiding zone. She’s been saving Badges-of-Justice to purchase upgrades, at the moment her worst piece of kit are her Chestpiece, Mace and a ring, all of which are blues. Upgrades to all of these drop in Kara, and significantly better quality items can be bought for Badges of Justice (apparently buying epics is considered yet another category of Welfare Epics – but don’t get me started).

Badges won’t be currency in “Rash” and raiding Kara will almost certainly stop, so if Flowersz doesn’t have enough Badges when November 13th rolls around then she never will! Should she save up and spend what she has on the 13th or should she spend now to get immediate improvements? Realistically raiding one night a week Flowersz will earn something in the region of 70 more badges which will net her around 130 badges, not quite enough for the Gavel of Naruu Blessings (the hottest upgrade she could possibly get), so that leaves her looking at the more lukewarm badge upgrades… And then there’s the worry that her gear will become outleveled in Northrend.

a brief summary of badge upgrades

Main hand:

  • Gavel of Naaru Blessing, 150BoJ


  • Wave of Life Chestguard, 100BoJ


  • Band of Halos, 25BoJ
  • Anveena’s Touch, 60BoJ


  • Totem of Living Water, 20BoJ

Or, she could spend every 15 badges on epic gems and sell them for between 200 and 300 gold on the AH, though prices appear to be dropping. She will have enough BoJ for around about 8 gems or around 2000g. Though that won’t be helping the “‘Tribe”.

I think, on the whole Flowersz will keep saving her BoJ’s and hope against all hope that she gets enough to buy the Gavel, it’s a huge upgrade and if something almost as good drops in Kara then reconsider, alternatively she will almost certainly be able to afford the Chestguard or the Ring with Totem.

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