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Thursday, 30 October, 2008


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Instead of a wall of text we have….. a wall of pictures!

As promised Flowersz new helm from Zul’Aman, illness and her more typical around town garb.

Zul'Aman helm, shoulders and dagger.

More typical town clothing.

Her flying horsie, Parkin, on indefinite loan from the Headless Horseman who apparently being dead doesn’t need it anymore, go figure! You can’t see it, but he’s a bit more bulky around the barrel giving Flowersz a more natural riding position, those alliance horses are a bit too thin.

You’ll notice that Flowersz doesn’t use the stirrups.

Stirrups is for wimps!

A screenie from the time we downed Maggy! Click for a much bigger version.

Magtheridon owes the munquis us a harder fight......

Probably my favourite “trick” from Trick or Treating during hallows end.

Sometimes you're the pigeon, and sometimes you're the kitty.And finally As a shaman you can picnic pretty much anywhere you want.

Wednesday, 29 October, 2008

Zul’Aman and the Wall of Text.

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Zul’Aman run last night. Good and Bad unfortunately. Good because we managed to get three chests in the timed section. Bad because we totally failed on Hex Lord Malacrass.

Flowersz got a piece of loot, pharmacist a new mail helm, visit [Mojo-mender's Mask] fortunately both Paladins in the group had better so it fell to her. It matches last weeks [Hex Lord's Voodoo Pauldrons], but, IMHO, looks a bit ugly. Not stupid ugly, but it completely hides Flowersz face in a weird kind of glow. I’ll try and edit a screenie in here tonight.

On one of the fights several players congratulated Flowersz on her healing. I lapped it up at the time, but since then I’ve come to doubt whether she totally deserved the praise. The priest certainly did just as much healing, I think those little yellow beams of goodness attract attention and make it look like she’s doing more than she really is.

Hex Lord Malacrass

This was Flowersz hardest fight so far. There’s an awful lot to do. And so of course a lot of self analysis.


There’s plain old healing, which is made quite a bit more difficult during the “Spirit Bolts” phase because of spell-pushback and trying to make sure that the Chain Heal hits more than one person for efficient raid healing. I’m fairly sure a large number of chains were not bouncing in this phase.

Towards the end of the fights Flowersz seemed pretty much unable to outheal the personal damage from these, 20 bolts at 450 before resists (last batch was 780!) damage over 10 seconds is 900 dps (the last killing batch was 1.5k dps) compared to Flowersz first target chain healing which is 3.5k per cast or about 1.2k hps ish ignoring crits, haste, and pushback.

There’s decursing, which Flowersz seems to be managing passably, Shift Right-Click in healbot, though it does use up time on the global Cooldown. She decursed 50 odd times during the night and about 10 times per Hexlord attempt. Given that her decurse count was usually zero that’s not too bad I think.

And then there’s the “offensive” tasks! I’ve got to admit, I’m not too hot on this.

There’s interrupts which didn’t got too well, AFAIK Flowersz was the only interrupter there, so that’s what she tried to do. I find interrupting twitchy.

An look through the combat log is showing that Flowersz is getting around a 40% miss rate. In fact out of 15 attempts to interrupt only 1 was successful. The rest were misses (3), too late (3), given up presumably because the GCD wasn’t up before Hex’s cast had completed (5), out of range (1), and facing the wrong way (2). Virtually all of her attempts at interrupting required button mashing because she was in the GCD when she started.

And purges, Flowersz currently sucks, even in comparison to her interrupts, at purges. I haven’t found out how to tell when there’s something I can purge up on the boss.
Other stuff

Though Flowersz dropped a couple of Grounding totems it looks like they aren’t much use after the adds are down.

I’ve discovered that the “restorative” totems aren’t raid wide, looking at the logs this seems to be true. Raid group makeup is still a reality. I wonder which other spells aren’t.

And finally there’s getting out of the AOE, which is about positioning and reacting. Not my strong point.

So, the next question is what can she do to improve?

  • Spell pushback: can be helped by a respec, she has no points in the pushback resistance talent. She can cast an Earth Shield on herself during the Spirit Bolts. She can drop a Wrath of Air during the Spirit Bolts for the spell haste – last night she was dropping Windfury for the Melee haste.
  • Chain heal efficiency: I wonder if I should call the raid together to maximize the chain heal bounces.
  • Riptide: Should be used at the start of Spirit Bolts on the weakest player. Immediately followed by an enhanced Chain Heal Bounce if they’re poorly enough.
  • Spell rotation: I really must see if a CH, LHW combination produces more healing than either one on their own. (Healing Wave and Lesser HealingWave often get reduced cast times after a Chain Heal)
  • Damage-received: could perhaps be reduced by buying some shadow resist gear, or a flask of some sort.
  • Interrupts: well successfull interrupts will require a shorter GCD (Wrath of Air), keeping in range (actually not too hard), facing the right way (sorted already, geez enough already!) and more “hit rating”. Hit rating is difficult to sort, I’ll have to examine her gear and see how much tradeoff I can manage, though I doubt I’ll get anywhere near what’s needed. A check on her interrupt macro is also in order.
  • Purges: This is totally going to have to be an addon. Though she could perhaps Purge everytime she’s not actually healing just in case. I’ll probably do this, it looks like it doesn’t trigger the GCD and doesn’t use mana if there’s nothing to dispell.
  • Positioning: Flowersz is continually improving at this, more of the same I think.
  • Spell bar: Flowersz spell bars are not set up for efficient work, interrupt is way over on key 9, and Purge is on CTRL+8, so little used I actually had to spend 10 seconds looking at my bars to find it. I couldn’t even remember what the icon looks like!

Cor, that’s a lot of analysis, but then it was definitely Flowersz most complex fight ever, it was a shame that it was also a failure.

Thought Police

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The R word.

A couple of guildies were using the word “rape” in Guild chat the other night, visit this there was nothing at all malicious about it. I piped up anyway and asked them to drop it. Which they did without question, side effects kudos to them.

I have a strange reaction to this word, it doesn’t outright offend me, not like say listening to a National Front speech. I don’t know of anyone personally who’s been raped. But it is a little upsetting, for me it conjures up an extreemly distateful feeling somewhere between thinking about torture and slavery.

I think part of my reaction to the casual use is because it was not common use when I was growing up, so I’ve not become inured to it, unlike say the word bugger which normally has no associations with the actual act whatsoever. I do know from reading several blogs that there are quite a few women who really object strongly to this word being used casually, and perhaps that alone is reason enough to say something rather than just keep quiet.

I realize that playing a female character called Flowersz might be taken to indicate some sort of oddity on my part, and that certainly occured to me as is typed, but as far as I know I’m fairly normal.

Anyway, thanks to the guildies who took my interruption in good part. I promise not to be a member of the “thought police”.

Tuesday, 28 October, 2008

Below the belt

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The munquis didded a bit of SSC last night, infection the Lurker Below. It’s quite surprising that we’re able to get 25 players together without much planning. For me it’s even more surprising that we have people prepared to lead!

We wiped a few times, cough but did eventually succeed. Unfortunately our original Raid Leader was lagging so bad that he had to leave before the last attempt.

My wow web stats log is showing Flowersz as the #1 healer. Nice, prescription but given that almost the entire raid was out of healing range it seems just a teensy weensy bit more likely that there’s summat up with the log. Or maybe, just maybe, Flowersz latest gear upgrades, new glyphs and all that have made a difference. Or perhaps Shaman with Chain Heal really are overpowered raid healers in 25 mans.

Afterwards 10 more munquis tootled on into Kara and Flowersz tootled off to do the Headless Horseman event. God but he’s mean on his drops, bazillions of [Witches Band], [The Horseman's Signet Ring] and broomsticks, no helms and no squashlings.

Monday, 27 October, 2008

Pnah. frarf. Gnurrgh

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No, more about I’ve not become a Zombie, ed instead I’m ranting about this article on the BBC news site. Basically its saying that terrorists might be finding clever ways to use technology in new ways to organise attacks, pretty much like they used to use cellulose pulp and gallnuts!

Chunner, chunner, chunner. What a non-story. I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re complaining about new ways to use longtitudinal compression waves in a gasesous medium to communicate.

The only interesting thing I can pull from this article is that they don’t (at the moment) make the Post Office open and record all our mail!

Zombies I hatez em.

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Yeah, page bah humbug, I know.

It’s only for a few weeks more. I know.

Somehow I can’t feel comfortable with these zombies ganking lowbies on MY server!

In the early days I tried cleansing a few and got short shrift for my efforts, though I have had a few thanks too.

Now I just try to kill any low level ones I see and immediately rezz them. This seems to go down a little better, usually they seem to be players caught in the crossfire.

This is not the right time to be coming new to WoW, I think.


Flowersz went to her “natural home” the Exodar yesterday, the place was deserted, there was virtualy tumbleweed blowing through the place! Poor Blizz made a mistake with this one I think, it makes me wonder just how empty Shattrath is going to become when Rash comes out.

I think part of the problem is that Shattrath is the only city with portals and there’s no realistic way of getting there except by having a hearthstone somewhere in Outland. Level 65 Portals in *all* of the cities might have gone some way to keeping old-land populated.

Can we PuG, no we can’t

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Flowersz tried to Pug a Kara raid this weekend. Bah! I can’t begin to describe how awful it was.  Well OK, information pills I can begin to describe it.

I’ve not Pugged in a while, food the last time was Heroic Slave Pens where we managed one boss and Flowersz picked up Jokerellone who seems to have finally given up whispering her when she logs on. So, true, I didn’t have big hopes.

First off it took a while to get 10 people together, even thought here were 9 when I joined. Players kept leaving and joining while we were waiting for another healer. I kept saying there was no-way we could manage with only one healer, but guess what, we decided to try anyway. Just little Flowersz trying to heal.

Secondly, it turned out we weren’t doing kara, we were doing the new boss, and kara had already been partly cleared by someone in the group. Pah, there goes my hopes for more badges. (Flowersz really is a Badge Whore).

So as per usual Flowersz gets lost on the way to the new boss, everyone else seemed to know what was going on but me. She pulls trash and dies, runs in and a helpful druid shows her where to go, nice Kitty.

Boss is engaged and I start healing the shed-loads of damage that the mages immediately start taking (shouldn’t the tank be taking damage?). After a bit I find that I can’t heal the tank, he’s gone out of sight. Meanwhile someone is telling me to focus on the tank….. I am, kinda, but I don’t know where he is. Wipe.

More faffing around with group members. I run in, and even though the bodies are barely inside the entrance I have to rezz them. I’ve heard that pugs are like that, I’ve just never come across it before.

Second attempt is a little better, Flowersz is keeping the tank in sight and eventually dies, after quite a few of the rest of the raid are dead, I know several of them died because I couldn’t see them *and* the tank at the same time.

More acrimony, a few more players leave, some join, including another healer, a priest! With two healers we might actually manage to keep on top of the damage. So I run out to summon, and oh look I’m on my own. Wait, wait, wait. Eventually I realize that noone’s coming to help summon, and ask on the raid channel. Someone comes out, helps me summon the two new members and poof, there goes the tank!

I apologise to the priest I’ve just summoned and call it.

A few of the players did seem to know what they were doing, and acted fairly politely, running in when dead, coming when asked to the summoning stone, not pulling aggro within half a nano-second of the fight starting. By an amazing coincidence these were also the players still standing when Flowersz died, and perhaps the better geared ones. Other players were, well, not so good or nice.

To be fair, a big part of the issue was my not knowing what was going to happen, and noone explaining it, I felt there was an acrimonious undertone in what little raid chat there was.

Later on in Guild Chat it turned out that some guildies had 5 manned this new boss, the very same that Flowersz hadn’t even 10 manned! And of course *they* only had one healer as well.

More Dozy ideas

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So last week I wondered about getting a level 1 critter to beat on my shammy to give her mega mana regeneration. Today I’m gonna suggest something equally stupid: The sentry totem. Now I might be wrong, viagra approved but I think Blizz have removed this totem, adiposity and I don’t think there were many shaman at the funeral.

But, pfizer what if Blizz had instead made it so you could swap places with your sentry totem (as long as you are within 30 yards)? Think about it. Done? Yeah, it’s not my best ever idea, but then I don’t think I’ve ever had a “best ever idea” in my life. This little totem could make some of those big fights, you know the one’s where the melee are all spread out, a little more fun. You could heal up everyone nearby, swap places with your well placed sentry totem, you did put it in a useful place didn’t you, and heal them up too.

Actually I’ve been thinking about this idea for, like, a whole two minutes and I’m starting to dig it. It could even give Shaman an escape in PvP which, so I’m told is highly desirable. You could even swap out of AOE damage and channeled damage.

We might even get calls to nerf the overpowered Sentry Totem, now wouldn’t that be a change.

Friday, 24 October, 2008

Can we haz more critterz plz?

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I was helping some guildies out doing the Headless Horseman event in Scarlet Monastery the other night when I got attacked by a respawned ghost. He wasn’t doing enough damage to worry me, gonorrhea but he was popping my watershield orbs giving me loads of mana.

It got me to wondering, clinic what if I aggro a spider during a boss fight. He hits me for practically nothing, and I get almost continuous mana regeneration at the cost of having to recast Water Shield.

OK, on the HH event mana regeneration isn’t an issue, but well, think about it.

Can we haz more critterz plz?

Thursday, 23 October, 2008

This ain’t a scene

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it’s a goddamn arms race.

The Munquis have gone mad! Kara was done on Monday, hospital full clear in one night. Unfortunately I missed this because of the weather (I have to get the train when it’s windy ant that makes me late home).

Zul’Aman on Tuesday, I’ve never done ZA before but I think it was a full clear, denture we killed a fair few bosses.

Magtheridon on Thursday! I think several other Munquis may have gone on to do Kara!

I logged in late just to take a screenie of the new Horsie (Parkin) and to do an hour’s worth of dailys, when immediately, really immediately, Flowersz got an invite to a group from one of our Raid Leaders. I didn’t accept because Flowersz couldn’t commit the time to a full raid. A couple of whispers later, and after I had explained that I only had an hour to waste, I was persuaded to join “just for this boss”. Little did I know it was a 25 man Munqui Raid against Magtheridon and they were at the last boss. A couple of wipes later and the big big bastard was dead! Loot was set to group loot, so it was needy/greedy time. I needed on the 20 slot bag (everyone was told to need), a Tier chest piece (there were two available), and passed on the nice shield because I would have felt like a ninja.

Blow me, but I won the chest piece [Cyclone Hauberk] to replace her [Void Slayer's Tunic] and the bag. The loot-fu is with me this week.

Not only did I get goodies from Magtheridon, but when I hearthed and had a look at the mailbox I found that not only had the staff Flowersz got by mistake from ZA had been transferred (good), but that the GMs had also transferred [Wub's Cursed Hexblade] to me which I think will replace [The Essence Focuser]. We’d given the dagger to the druid so that we would be able to do swap if the GM’s agreed, and if the GMs weren’t behind us then we wouldn’t go away empty handed.

So, suddenly Fowersz is completely epic-ed! Replacing her mace and tunic in two nights! And she has that wacky Headless Horsemans Mount to boot. What am I going to do with all those badges I’ve been saving?

Flowersz is currently standing at 75 BoJ, she could hold out and buy an upgrade, or she could convert them all to 5 Epic gems and sell them for around 250g each making around 1000+gold. A lot of money, but possibly not so much in Northrend. There’s an achievement in the system for earning 10,000g from quests, so there’s probably going to be a fair bit of gold soon. What’s more, with the “nerfing” of raids there’s a middling likelyhood of the cost of Epic gems plummeting soon.

If Flowersz is going to buy a BoJ item these are her choices as far as I can see (all these are traditional healer pieces, there may be better cheaper caster pieces available. It looks like the biggest boosts could come from [Anveena's Touch] or [Wave of Life Chestguard], so now I feel a little sick at having grabbed that [Cyclone Hauberk]!

head: [Red Riding Hood's Cloak] -> none better

chest: [Cyclone Hauberk] ->[Wave of Life Chestguard] (100BoJ), [Shroud of Nature's Harmony], [Gown of Spiritual Wonder]

Feet: [Treads of the Life Path] -> none better

Finger: [Celestial Jewel Ring] & [Violet Signet of the Grand Restorer] -> [Anveena's Touch](60BoJ), [Band of Halos](25BoJ)

Hands: [Gloves of Centering] -> [Polished Waterscale Gloves](60BoJ)

Head: [Big Bad Wolf's Head] -> none better

Legs: [Heart-Flame Leggings] -> [Runed Scales of Antiquity] (100BoJ), [Natural Life Leggings](75BoJ), [Pants of Splendid Recovery], [Achromic Trousers of the Naaru], [Adorned Supernal Legwraps], [Grovewalker's Leggings]

Main Hand: [Wub's Cursed Hexblade] or [The Essence Focuser],  -> [Gavel of Naaru Blessings](150BoJ), [Scryer's Blade of Focus](150BoJ)

Neck [Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration]-> none better

Shield: [Dragonheart Flameshield] -> [Tears of Heaven](25 BoJ), [Light-Bearer's Faith Shield](33 BoJ)

Shoulder: [Hex Lord's Voodoo Pauldrons] -> none better

Trinket [Direbrew Hops] & [Figurine - Seaspray Albatross]-> [Battlemaster's Perseverance](75 BoJ)

Waist: [Belt of Gale Force] -> [Clutch of the Soothing Breeze](75 BoJ)

Wrist: [Whirlwind Bracers] -> [Gleaming Earthen Bracers](35 BoJ)

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