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Wednesday, 1 October, 2008

Answer and Question Time.

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Answer: Shift Work.

Question: How come there are so many Munqui’s online during the day?

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum

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Another Kara run, about it another bug.

Voice Chat

Not unexplained deaths this time, diet but troubles with Voice Chat. I’d been having some problems with voice chat gradually getting worse people breaking up, sanitary sounding like they’re at the end of a long tunnel, that sort of thing. I finally twigged that something was going on during the Illhoof fight when I noticed that the Raid Leader was asking for spam heals on the Demon Chains when nobody was affected. I asked someone to type Flowersz and say it at the same time. The word appeared in my chat log, but nothing over VC, it must have been nearly half a minute later that I heard them. Honestly, ages and ages later, I thought that Funk hadn’t botherd saying anything. Relogged and it was sorted. I guess it says may situation awareness is improving (on fights I know) that I was able to heal this fight without instruction.


We had serious problems on Prince, our Druid tank kept getting killed, now he’s done this fight before so I don’t think it was him. All three healers are having to really heavily spam-heal him and any interruption, say to re-cast a totem was enough to see him dead. I’m pretty sure at least one of the deaths was because I took a teensy tiny break to chug a pot or recast a totem or some-such. The problem is I do have to do this sort of thing or I’ll run out of mana. We tried a different Druid with a little more avoidance but the same result. It wasn’t until we pulled in a couple of the “big boys”, including a Paladin Tank, that we downed him, which is a shame. I was particularly dissapointed because I do love Druid tanks.

After downing Nightbane we tootled downstairs and seven manned one of the random animal bosses, I’ve never done this part of Kara so I stuck with the group. I can see why we skip this part now, it’s “entry-level” and only (only!) rewards a single epic, and no badge, for a fair bit of trash. On the other hand if your group isn’t really ready for Moroes it is at least a fairly safe way of getting two epics per run, one from Attumen and one from the Animal.


Flowersz got lucky on the roll for Prince’s loot and now owns a genuine piece of T4 gear, whee! I feel sorry for the Paladin that lost out though, it’s not easy to get this stuff. So Flowersz first Epic (bought for about 800g of materials) is now slated for vendoring for a pitifully small amount of gold. On the bright side I might even turn on the helm graphic now. Flowersz also got the healing ring from Prince as well, though there was less competition for that. Now I’ve got to spend a few hundred gold getting a decent meta-gem for the helm. Three steps towards my Epic Flyer and two steps back.

The melee in this particular group surprised me by not looting every piece of trash before it even hit the floor. For a change Flowersz actually got to loot a couple of corpses for three greens, and, amazingly, an enchanting formula drop that goes for 300g+ on the AH (Enchant Cloak Major Resistance). Szar could have used it, but I’ve pretty much given up on him so I gave it to the high level Enchanter instead.

What’s next on the gear front.

I’m going to give up waiting for a healing mace to drop in Kara and get Flowersz tatty old blue mace enchanted in the hope that that annoys the loot gods and they force a healing weapon to drop, in fact Flowersz is going to go on (another) spending spree and get everything she owns enchanted up. This is way overdue and she’s not really been pulling my weight in this department in a way stiffing the guild. Anyway, you never know this might annoy the loot gods even more, forcing them to drop the T4 gloves, which I can gleefully give away to the Paladins to annoy the blizz-gods even further.

I’m debating which gem to get for Flowersz new helm, the Bracing or [Insightful Earthstorm Diamond], Flowersz can probably buy the design for Insightful but doesn’t have the reputation with consortium for the Bracing. I’ll just have to check the AH for prices, sometimes they can be so low it’s not worth buying the raw gem and design instead of the finished product. Occasionally the finished cut gem is actually cheaper than the uncut!


Joker is still wispering me if he (or she) is on when I log on. They seem very keen. I’m slightly disturbedaround how keen Joker is given that we only PuGed the once, for about an hour and it was a complete bloody mess. Should I make it clear I’m a “Blokie” not a “Girlie”? Maybe, then again……

I dropped the fact that I used to program on a Mac Classic the last time we chatted and there was a longish delay before Joker responded, I could imagine them realizing that I wasn’t a young girlie. Made me laugh thinking about it.


I’m going to get that damn brewfest tunic and stop, it’s fun, but a total time waster.

Good Bad Ugly

blah blah blah. Still improving, the Fire Elemental made a couple of appearances, Heroism was cast, healing on “empty” only happened the once. Did get trapped in the Blizzard a little more than I’d like, but at least I’ve realized that Flowersz can cut across the center of the room to get out of it quicker, I probably ought to pack that trinket from the Badlands if I still have it. Otherwise pretty standard.

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