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Tuesday, 7 October, 2008

‘nother run

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Another Munqui run last night, discount early parts of Kara.

This is getting silly, three healers 39%, 51% and 54% overheal (37%, 46%, 53% on bosses). It’s getting to be difficult to look like we’re actually doing anything in the early bits of Kara. Yes, I know we have issues with Prince and Nightbane, but we didn’t do them last night.

You know you’ve got enough healers when you spot one of them hitting a mob with their [The Ancient Scepter of Sue-Min]!

There’s another run tonight, but I’ll not be making it due to work commitments (unless I get home before the run starts and they need another healer – unlikely).


I got the [Big Bad Wolf's Head] a cool looking shaman caster helm for offspec, my offspec set is starting to look pretty good for grinding, I may just re-spec for a few days to see what it’s like – jaggerbombz post has made me wonder what I’m missing.

And our new-blue pally tank got his Tier 4 gloves from [Gloves of the Fallen Champion] which I think he used to purchase [Justicar Handguards]. He seemed quite happy (to say the least).

Still no bloody healing mace though, I think I’ve only seen one in all my time in Kara (10+ half runs) seems to think Flowersz is geared up enough to step inside some of the later instances, and I must say, I am starting to feel tempted, though I know I’ll regret it if I go outside my “most excellent” (imagine air guitars) guild. I’ll get my mace and shield enchanted first though or the big boys will laugh at me.

Good Bad Ugly:

Usual blah blah blah, (oh so nonchalant).

Except: I pooped [sic] Fire Elemental during Moroes and the little swine decided the shackle was a nice target. Sod! He broke the shackle twice before I dismissed him. Four other targets he could have gone for and he picks that one! I might still try this again, but I’m going to make sure I drop the totem really near something that needs burning up.

Biggest Healing Crit of the Night: 6671.

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