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Friday, 10 October, 2008

Naughty, naughty, smack, smack, smack

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Which was part of the verse of a comedienne I once saw in a clubs somewhere a long time ago. She wasn’t very good, medicine but that bit stuck.

Yet another Kara run, I’d not planned to go on this one, but I did anyway, joining at Moroes. Three runs in a week is very very naughty of me and completely blows my personal restriction of 1 raid night a week out of the water. Fortunately the raid finished on Curator at around 10:30 (UK Summertime) so I wasn’t late to bed and Sue got a reasonable night’s sleep. I’ve noticed if I go to bed really late not only am I tired the next morning, but so is Sue.

No Wipes. Really, not one, and that’s despite having a couple of fairly new blue DPS in the raid. Kudos to Rad our raid leader.


Flowersz got the [Red Riding Hood's Cloak] from Big Bad Wolf, replacing her [White Remedy Cape] – so that just leaves her Tunic and Weapon as the only non-epic items she has left, and she’s a little over halfway to the badges for her tunic, five more runs should sort that.

Nuttin special, though she tried dropping Earthbind Totem on the Arcane Anomaly trash pull before Curator. The Anomalies themselves are immune to it, but the Siphoners that come with them aren’t. Hopefully this reduced the damage the tank gets on the long run back from pulling the last couple of trash groups. Flowersz will be doing that next time.

Despite some of the fights being long Flowers was only healing on empty for a few moments on Moroes, I blame this on still having my grinding gear equipped. It wasn’t until after the fight that I noticed I had the wrong shield on.


Did Moroes in my grinding kit so several hundred less +heal, and quite a bit less mp5.

Forgot the tremor totem on the trash just before Opera, it was a hairy couple of moments when two of our healers (Flowersz was one of them) were put to sleep by the “bad poetry”.

Had a flash of inspiration when our esteemed Raid Leader was telling one of the other players to remove the armour buff on some of the trash. Whoa! I’ve got a spell somewhere that does that! Now all I have to do is put it on an accessible key and set-up a macro to Purge on the focus’s target.


Still second on the meters. Our Healy Pally is a Master Healer even if he does only cast one healing spell (97% of his direct healing casts)!

If any of the newbies to Kara want to see the stats drop me an e-mail or add a comment.

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