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Thursday, 16 October, 2008

Some people amaze me.

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Do some people consistently amaze you? My girlfriend is a constant source of totally pure impressiveness!

A few months ago we were driving down the motorway when the song “Lola” by the Kinks came up on the radio, this site and for no reason whatsoever she suddenly started analysing the song, “on the fly” as it were.

Did you know that there is a theme in the song of “things not being what they seem”? The eponymous Lola is obvious, but not enough in him/herself to present a theme, other examples are

  • drink champagne/and it tastes just like cherry cola
  • electric candle-light
  • I’m not dumb/but I can’t understand
  • Girls will be boys/and boys will be girls

There are other less obvious examples of this that wouldn’t stand on their own, but once the theme is established, well, you can draw your own conclusions.

Who knew that Pop Songs could actually have hidden poetic aspects like this?

Sue constantly amazes me.

Patch day

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The patch hit yesterday and as expected piles of addons didn’t work properly, ed even to the point of stopping me from logging out.

I’ve upgraded most of the essential addons, medicine but I’m still missing a couple of “core” addons, shop and a couple of upgradesdidn’t go too smoothly. I’ve got to redo my MarsBar totem casting and rejig from Bartender3 to Bartender4, amongst others.

I’ve decided not to make piles of dosh through selling herbs for the new Inscribers, instead I’ve found a guildie that’s going to take up inscription and sent all my herbs to them. I guess it adds up to a bit over 12 full stacks of pre-outland herbs, hope it helps.

<Laughs> Epic flying mount is still a few thousand gold away, if I’d been sat at 4000g I guess I might have been more aggressive, but I’ve still got to grind 3000g so it doesn’t feel too relevant at the mo.

I think I’ve shagged my resto talents, somehow I’ve not managed to grab Riptide, there goes a a few gold on a re-spec.

Flowersz did visit the barbershop, but rather surprisingly didn’t get anything done. I must have spent a bit of time on the creation screen because I’m happy with her horns and hair colour, I might just change her hair style to “sassy”, and possibly very pale, but not yet.

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