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Thursday, 23 October, 2008

This ain’t a scene

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it’s a goddamn arms race.

The Munquis have gone mad! Kara was done on Monday, hospital full clear in one night. Unfortunately I missed this because of the weather (I have to get the train when it’s windy ant that makes me late home).

Zul’Aman on Tuesday, I’ve never done ZA before but I think it was a full clear, denture we killed a fair few bosses.

Magtheridon on Thursday! I think several other Munquis may have gone on to do Kara!

I logged in late just to take a screenie of the new Horsie (Parkin) and to do an hour’s worth of dailys, when immediately, really immediately, Flowersz got an invite to a group from one of our Raid Leaders. I didn’t accept because Flowersz couldn’t commit the time to a full raid. A couple of whispers later, and after I had explained that I only had an hour to waste, I was persuaded to join “just for this boss”. Little did I know it was a 25 man Munqui Raid against Magtheridon and they were at the last boss. A couple of wipes later and the big big bastard was dead! Loot was set to group loot, so it was needy/greedy time. I needed on the 20 slot bag (everyone was told to need), a Tier chest piece (there were two available), and passed on the nice shield because I would have felt like a ninja.

Blow me, but I won the chest piece [Cyclone Hauberk] to replace her [Void Slayer's Tunic] and the bag. The loot-fu is with me this week.

Not only did I get goodies from Magtheridon, but when I hearthed and had a look at the mailbox I found that not only had the staff Flowersz got by mistake from ZA had been transferred (good), but that the GMs had also transferred [Wub's Cursed Hexblade] to me which I think will replace [The Essence Focuser]. We’d given the dagger to the druid so that we would be able to do swap if the GM’s agreed, and if the GMs weren’t behind us then we wouldn’t go away empty handed.

So, suddenly Fowersz is completely epic-ed! Replacing her mace and tunic in two nights! And she has that wacky Headless Horsemans Mount to boot. What am I going to do with all those badges I’ve been saving?

Flowersz is currently standing at 75 BoJ, she could hold out and buy an upgrade, or she could convert them all to 5 Epic gems and sell them for around 250g each making around 1000+gold. A lot of money, but possibly not so much in Northrend. There’s an achievement in the system for earning 10,000g from quests, so there’s probably going to be a fair bit of gold soon. What’s more, with the “nerfing” of raids there’s a middling likelyhood of the cost of Epic gems plummeting soon.

If Flowersz is going to buy a BoJ item these are her choices as far as I can see (all these are traditional healer pieces, there may be better cheaper caster pieces available. It looks like the biggest boosts could come from [Anveena's Touch] or [Wave of Life Chestguard], so now I feel a little sick at having grabbed that [Cyclone Hauberk]!

head: [Red Riding Hood's Cloak] -> none better

chest: [Cyclone Hauberk] ->[Wave of Life Chestguard] (100BoJ), [Shroud of Nature's Harmony], [Gown of Spiritual Wonder]

Feet: [Treads of the Life Path] -> none better

Finger: [Celestial Jewel Ring] & [Violet Signet of the Grand Restorer] -> [Anveena's Touch](60BoJ), [Band of Halos](25BoJ)

Hands: [Gloves of Centering] -> [Polished Waterscale Gloves](60BoJ)

Head: [Big Bad Wolf's Head] -> none better

Legs: [Heart-Flame Leggings] -> [Runed Scales of Antiquity] (100BoJ), [Natural Life Leggings](75BoJ), [Pants of Splendid Recovery], [Achromic Trousers of the Naaru], [Adorned Supernal Legwraps], [Grovewalker's Leggings]

Main Hand: [Wub's Cursed Hexblade] or [The Essence Focuser],  -> [Gavel of Naaru Blessings](150BoJ), [Scryer's Blade of Focus](150BoJ)

Neck [Shattered Sun Pendant of Restoration]-> none better

Shield: [Dragonheart Flameshield] -> [Tears of Heaven](25 BoJ), [Light-Bearer's Faith Shield](33 BoJ)

Shoulder: [Hex Lord's Voodoo Pauldrons] -> none better

Trinket [Direbrew Hops] & [Figurine - Seaspray Albatross]-> [Battlemaster's Perseverance](75 BoJ)

Waist: [Belt of Gale Force] -> [Clutch of the Soothing Breeze](75 BoJ)

Wrist: [Whirlwind Bracers] -> [Gleaming Earthen Bracers](35 BoJ)

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