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Monday, 27 October, 2008

Pnah. frarf. Gnurrgh

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No, more about I’ve not become a Zombie, ed instead I’m ranting about this article on the BBC news site. Basically its saying that terrorists might be finding clever ways to use technology in new ways to organise attacks, pretty much like they used to use cellulose pulp and gallnuts!

Chunner, chunner, chunner. What a non-story. I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re complaining about new ways to use longtitudinal compression waves in a gasesous medium to communicate.

The only interesting thing I can pull from this article is that they don’t (at the moment) make the Post Office open and record all our mail!

Zombies I hatez em.

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Yeah, page bah humbug, I know.

It’s only for a few weeks more. I know.

Somehow I can’t feel comfortable with these zombies ganking lowbies on MY server!

In the early days I tried cleansing a few and got short shrift for my efforts, though I have had a few thanks too.

Now I just try to kill any low level ones I see and immediately rezz them. This seems to go down a little better, usually they seem to be players caught in the crossfire.

This is not the right time to be coming new to WoW, I think.


Flowersz went to her “natural home” the Exodar yesterday, the place was deserted, there was virtualy tumbleweed blowing through the place! Poor Blizz made a mistake with this one I think, it makes me wonder just how empty Shattrath is going to become when Rash comes out.

I think part of the problem is that Shattrath is the only city with portals and there’s no realistic way of getting there except by having a hearthstone somewhere in Outland. Level 65 Portals in *all* of the cities might have gone some way to keeping old-land populated.

Can we PuG, no we can’t

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Flowersz tried to Pug a Kara raid this weekend. Bah! I can’t begin to describe how awful it was.  Well OK, information pills I can begin to describe it.

I’ve not Pugged in a while, food the last time was Heroic Slave Pens where we managed one boss and Flowersz picked up Jokerellone who seems to have finally given up whispering her when she logs on. So, true, I didn’t have big hopes.

First off it took a while to get 10 people together, even thought here were 9 when I joined. Players kept leaving and joining while we were waiting for another healer. I kept saying there was no-way we could manage with only one healer, but guess what, we decided to try anyway. Just little Flowersz trying to heal.

Secondly, it turned out we weren’t doing kara, we were doing the new boss, and kara had already been partly cleared by someone in the group. Pah, there goes my hopes for more badges. (Flowersz really is a Badge Whore).

So as per usual Flowersz gets lost on the way to the new boss, everyone else seemed to know what was going on but me. She pulls trash and dies, runs in and a helpful druid shows her where to go, nice Kitty.

Boss is engaged and I start healing the shed-loads of damage that the mages immediately start taking (shouldn’t the tank be taking damage?). After a bit I find that I can’t heal the tank, he’s gone out of sight. Meanwhile someone is telling me to focus on the tank….. I am, kinda, but I don’t know where he is. Wipe.

More faffing around with group members. I run in, and even though the bodies are barely inside the entrance I have to rezz them. I’ve heard that pugs are like that, I’ve just never come across it before.

Second attempt is a little better, Flowersz is keeping the tank in sight and eventually dies, after quite a few of the rest of the raid are dead, I know several of them died because I couldn’t see them *and* the tank at the same time.

More acrimony, a few more players leave, some join, including another healer, a priest! With two healers we might actually manage to keep on top of the damage. So I run out to summon, and oh look I’m on my own. Wait, wait, wait. Eventually I realize that noone’s coming to help summon, and ask on the raid channel. Someone comes out, helps me summon the two new members and poof, there goes the tank!

I apologise to the priest I’ve just summoned and call it.

A few of the players did seem to know what they were doing, and acted fairly politely, running in when dead, coming when asked to the summoning stone, not pulling aggro within half a nano-second of the fight starting. By an amazing coincidence these were also the players still standing when Flowersz died, and perhaps the better geared ones. Other players were, well, not so good or nice.

To be fair, a big part of the issue was my not knowing what was going to happen, and noone explaining it, I felt there was an acrimonious undertone in what little raid chat there was.

Later on in Guild Chat it turned out that some guildies had 5 manned this new boss, the very same that Flowersz hadn’t even 10 manned! And of course *they* only had one healer as well.

More Dozy ideas

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So last week I wondered about getting a level 1 critter to beat on my shammy to give her mega mana regeneration. Today I’m gonna suggest something equally stupid: The sentry totem. Now I might be wrong, viagra approved but I think Blizz have removed this totem, adiposity and I don’t think there were many shaman at the funeral.

But, pfizer what if Blizz had instead made it so you could swap places with your sentry totem (as long as you are within 30 yards)? Think about it. Done? Yeah, it’s not my best ever idea, but then I don’t think I’ve ever had a “best ever idea” in my life. This little totem could make some of those big fights, you know the one’s where the melee are all spread out, a little more fun. You could heal up everyone nearby, swap places with your well placed sentry totem, you did put it in a useful place didn’t you, and heal them up too.

Actually I’ve been thinking about this idea for, like, a whole two minutes and I’m starting to dig it. It could even give Shaman an escape in PvP which, so I’m told is highly desirable. You could even swap out of AOE damage and channeled damage.

We might even get calls to nerf the overpowered Sentry Totem, now wouldn’t that be a change.

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