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Wednesday, 29 October, 2008

Zul’Aman and the Wall of Text.

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Zul’Aman run last night. Good and Bad unfortunately. Good because we managed to get three chests in the timed section. Bad because we totally failed on Hex Lord Malacrass.

Flowersz got a piece of loot, pharmacist a new mail helm, visit [Mojo-mender's Mask] fortunately both Paladins in the group had better so it fell to her. It matches last weeks [Hex Lord's Voodoo Pauldrons], but, IMHO, looks a bit ugly. Not stupid ugly, but it completely hides Flowersz face in a weird kind of glow. I’ll try and edit a screenie in here tonight.

On one of the fights several players congratulated Flowersz on her healing. I lapped it up at the time, but since then I’ve come to doubt whether she totally deserved the praise. The priest certainly did just as much healing, I think those little yellow beams of goodness attract attention and make it look like she’s doing more than she really is.

Hex Lord Malacrass

This was Flowersz hardest fight so far. There’s an awful lot to do. And so of course a lot of self analysis.


There’s plain old healing, which is made quite a bit more difficult during the “Spirit Bolts” phase because of spell-pushback and trying to make sure that the Chain Heal hits more than one person for efficient raid healing. I’m fairly sure a large number of chains were not bouncing in this phase.

Towards the end of the fights Flowersz seemed pretty much unable to outheal the personal damage from these, 20 bolts at 450 before resists (last batch was 780!) damage over 10 seconds is 900 dps (the last killing batch was 1.5k dps) compared to Flowersz first target chain healing which is 3.5k per cast or about 1.2k hps ish ignoring crits, haste, and pushback.

There’s decursing, which Flowersz seems to be managing passably, Shift Right-Click in healbot, though it does use up time on the global Cooldown. She decursed 50 odd times during the night and about 10 times per Hexlord attempt. Given that her decurse count was usually zero that’s not too bad I think.

And then there’s the “offensive” tasks! I’ve got to admit, I’m not too hot on this.

There’s interrupts which didn’t got too well, AFAIK Flowersz was the only interrupter there, so that’s what she tried to do. I find interrupting twitchy.

An look through the combat log is showing that Flowersz is getting around a 40% miss rate. In fact out of 15 attempts to interrupt only 1 was successful. The rest were misses (3), too late (3), given up presumably because the GCD wasn’t up before Hex’s cast had completed (5), out of range (1), and facing the wrong way (2). Virtually all of her attempts at interrupting required button mashing because she was in the GCD when she started.

And purges, Flowersz currently sucks, even in comparison to her interrupts, at purges. I haven’t found out how to tell when there’s something I can purge up on the boss.
Other stuff

Though Flowersz dropped a couple of Grounding totems it looks like they aren’t much use after the adds are down.

I’ve discovered that the “restorative” totems aren’t raid wide, looking at the logs this seems to be true. Raid group makeup is still a reality. I wonder which other spells aren’t.

And finally there’s getting out of the AOE, which is about positioning and reacting. Not my strong point.

So, the next question is what can she do to improve?

  • Spell pushback: can be helped by a respec, she has no points in the pushback resistance talent. She can cast an Earth Shield on herself during the Spirit Bolts. She can drop a Wrath of Air during the Spirit Bolts for the spell haste – last night she was dropping Windfury for the Melee haste.
  • Chain heal efficiency: I wonder if I should call the raid together to maximize the chain heal bounces.
  • Riptide: Should be used at the start of Spirit Bolts on the weakest player. Immediately followed by an enhanced Chain Heal Bounce if they’re poorly enough.
  • Spell rotation: I really must see if a CH, LHW combination produces more healing than either one on their own. (Healing Wave and Lesser HealingWave often get reduced cast times after a Chain Heal)
  • Damage-received: could perhaps be reduced by buying some shadow resist gear, or a flask of some sort.
  • Interrupts: well successfull interrupts will require a shorter GCD (Wrath of Air), keeping in range (actually not too hard), facing the right way (sorted already, geez enough already!) and more “hit rating”. Hit rating is difficult to sort, I’ll have to examine her gear and see how much tradeoff I can manage, though I doubt I’ll get anywhere near what’s needed. A check on her interrupt macro is also in order.
  • Purges: This is totally going to have to be an addon. Though she could perhaps Purge everytime she’s not actually healing just in case. I’ll probably do this, it looks like it doesn’t trigger the GCD and doesn’t use mana if there’s nothing to dispell.
  • Positioning: Flowersz is continually improving at this, more of the same I think.
  • Spell bar: Flowersz spell bars are not set up for efficient work, interrupt is way over on key 9, and Purge is on CTRL+8, so little used I actually had to spend 10 seconds looking at my bars to find it. I couldn’t even remember what the icon looks like!

Cor, that’s a lot of analysis, but then it was definitely Flowersz most complex fight ever, it was a shame that it was also a failure.

Thought Police

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The R word.

A couple of guildies were using the word “rape” in Guild chat the other night, visit this there was nothing at all malicious about it. I piped up anyway and asked them to drop it. Which they did without question, side effects kudos to them.

I have a strange reaction to this word, it doesn’t outright offend me, not like say listening to a National Front speech. I don’t know of anyone personally who’s been raped. But it is a little upsetting, for me it conjures up an extreemly distateful feeling somewhere between thinking about torture and slavery.

I think part of my reaction to the casual use is because it was not common use when I was growing up, so I’ve not become inured to it, unlike say the word bugger which normally has no associations with the actual act whatsoever. I do know from reading several blogs that there are quite a few women who really object strongly to this word being used casually, and perhaps that alone is reason enough to say something rather than just keep quiet.

I realize that playing a female character called Flowersz might be taken to indicate some sort of oddity on my part, and that certainly occured to me as is typed, but as far as I know I’m fairly normal.

Anyway, thanks to the guildies who took my interruption in good part. I promise not to be a member of the “thought police”.

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