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Thursday, 30 October, 2008


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Instead of a wall of text we have….. a wall of pictures!

As promised Flowersz new helm from Zul’Aman, illness and her more typical around town garb.

Zul'Aman helm, shoulders and dagger.

More typical town clothing.

Her flying horsie, Parkin, on indefinite loan from the Headless Horseman who apparently being dead doesn’t need it anymore, go figure! You can’t see it, but he’s a bit more bulky around the barrel giving Flowersz a more natural riding position, those alliance horses are a bit too thin.

You’ll notice that Flowersz doesn’t use the stirrups.

Stirrups is for wimps!

A screenie from the time we downed Maggy! Click for a much bigger version.

Magtheridon owes the munquis us a harder fight......

Probably my favourite “trick” from Trick or Treating during hallows end.

Sometimes you're the pigeon, and sometimes you're the kitty.And finally As a shaman you can picnic pretty much anywhere you want.

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