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Wednesday, 22 October, 2008

Thoughts on raiding in my new spec

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So, cheap a couple of thoughts on raiding with the 3.0.2 talents.

  • Mana wasn’t an issue, treat I did get low once, but that was seconds before the end of the fight and I think I still had a Mana Tide available.
  • Mana Tide only got used twice, and one of those was because another healer went OOM.
  • I’m learning to use Riptide, I’m still not sure how well its working
  • Trash healing used to be 923 (908 overall), and has increased to 1033 (1109 overall), though that’s comparing Kara against ZA. So that’s a 10% increase in healing. Chain Heal seems to have benefited the most, probably from the RipTide bonus. I think the DPS have seen bigger increases post-patch.
  • My “interrupt focus” macro appears to be working, though I had target and focus set to the same boss. I can even use it if the cast is fairly slow.
  • I managed to “Cleanse Spirit” a few times. Woot! Interrupts and dispells, all I need to do is add Purge and Flowersz will have to get rid of that trained monkey!
  • Raid wide totems means I now have to decide whether to help the Casters or the knife wielders, though usually the DPS are using poisons and the like so they won’t benefit from Windfury, and the Strength of Earth with its Agility will help the droods and hunters anyway. Healing Stream healing 10 people now makes it look like a viable totem if Mana isn’t going to be an issue.

Bobbing for Apples

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An interesting night last night.

Flowersz offered to heal a group for the Headless Horseman, more about just like hundreds of other healers, and it was a pretty lucky set of fights, in 6 summons we had:

and other stuff that no-one could loot because they already had it. Flowersz lost the rolls for the [Magic Broom]s which disappointed me, but she won the [The Horseman's Reins]. Everyone was freaking out a little about this, but I didn’t really get it at the time. Flowersz had just reached exulted with Stormwind and bought herself a Palomino in Pyjamas to ride around on, so getting another horsie (even one that was perhaps a little uncommon) didn’t seem like anything to get that excited about. /facepalm! Of course now I know, this isn’t just any old horsie, it’s a flying horsie! I didn’t find out that it could fly though for a few hours later when I jumped off the lift in Shattrath and didn’t fall. You see Flowersz had been in Zul’Aman in Azeroth and it definitely didn’t do any flying there.

Super-Duper Woot!

Gotta think of a name now;

  • there’s Bobbin’ short for Bobbing for Apples and a pun on Dobbin.
  • or Parkin, a Northern England cake often eaten around this time of year.
  • or even Binky, though I’m going off this because it’s not really a skeleton horse.

Flowersz now feels obligated to do at least one HH run for her mates a night to give them all a chance. After all she’d just look like a 12 year old PuGger if she just stopped the instant she got what she wanted.

BTW, Flowersz is calling it Parkin.


As soon as she finished healing the Headless Horseman Flowersz joined the group for Zul’Aman, she’s never been in there so she was a little nervous. Not helped by the fact her chat window completely stopped responding when the RL was going through the strategies. A relog  later (disabling any mod that might screw up chat) and off we went. Well I say off we went, there was a small problemette opening the door. The entire raid spent a couple of minutes under half an hour bashing away on the gong! Really, half a bloody hour!

After that we did two timed chests and actually cleared the place! It’s kinda nice that Blizz have nerfed the place so nubs like me can have a nosey around.

As you might expect mucho loot dropped, Flowersz got a new pair of shoulders [Hex Lord's Voodoo Pauldrons], a teensy little bit more spell power than [Dragon-Quake Shoulderguards], less stamina, and her first piece of haste gear. There was an unfortunate mix-up with loot distribution meaning Flowersz got an [Amani Divining Staff] that should have gone to our tree druid, we raised a ticket, but no GM appeared even after a couple of hours. I’m gonna re-raise the ticket this evening if it hasn’t been fixed in the meanwhile.

I was particularly dissapointed at the time to see the recount healing stats on Hex Lord Malacrass

1. T              304406 (926.7, 28.4%)
2. D             280337 (891.2, 26.1%)
3. P              245999 (1493.5, 22.9%)
4. Flowersz  183781 (633.8, 17.1%)

Flowersz being out healed by, well, by everyone!

I have a combat log of the event, but because the new patch has re-set the log range I don’t think it’s particularly useful. It agrees fairly well on the Hex Lord fight. It does at least place Flowersz higher up on the healy list for most of the fights. Good for preening, crap for relevance.

Monday, 20 October, 2008

Post Patch Blues

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Rambling post, tooth I’ve been ill over the weekend and haven’t fully recovered.


Most of my addon’s are now working again, orthopedist and I’m beginning to suspect that the Curse client has its downsides. It keeps prompting me to identify the a whole raft of addons when I’ve already done that several times. Bah, why can’t you just work!

One of the biggest losses to me has been the loss of the Mars Bar part of MarsMod, which means I no longer have a menu system for dropping my less used situation totems (tremor, poison, disease, Mana Tide, resistance). Most of the others are bound to Shift 1234567890-=. Thank heavens Auto Bar is working.

I MUST get speech back into GotWood, 5 minute totems means I’m even less likely to remember to refresh the little buggers on time.

New spells

I still have to learn when to use Riptide and whatever that other new spell is called, the crit on demand one. I think I can handle the “Cleanse Spirit” which I’m gonna call my Asprin spell, because it helps gets rid of all ailments.

With the loss of down-ranking utility I’m now going to add some new shift+click options to healbot:

  • Shift+left click = asprin
  • Shift+right click= riptide
  • Shift+middle click= dead cert crit + chain heal (if it can be fit into one click)

I need to find out how to get healbot to show debuffs.


I was ill this weekend and not good for much, so Flowersz has leveled her fishing from 5 to 215, which was not so much relaxing as simply mindless. I think I’ll keep the fishes to sell to DK’s for leveling their cooking (though I don’t know if that’s going to be a genuine market). Herbs on the other hand are going for insane amounts of gold as the pundits predicted.

I discovered something on Friday; there’s quite a few of the top level guildies logging on during the day, which at least explains how come they’ve got so many level 70 alts.

The achivements system seems to be popular with some guildies, lots and lots of old dungeons are being run and there are several “Jenkins” running around.


Oh MarsBar how I miss thee. 24 totems, 23 post patch, 22 if you ignore the Sentry Totem (sentry=dead toon in this case), and only 12 hotkeys, and a player that simply can’t be assed remembering that [alt]+[leftShift]+[swizzle stick] is the magic key for Nature resistance totem.

OK, so the keybindings for my most common totems are:

  • Healing Stream    shift+1 (rarely used with a 5 person limit, might change with 10 people)
  • Mana Stream    shift+2 (need to add alt+shift+2 as mana tide)
  • Wrath of Air    shift+3
  • Windfury    shift+4
  • Fire Nova    shift+5 (used when multi mob grinding)
  • Searing        shift+6 (used when single mob grinding)
  • Strength    shift+7 (now useful in raids because it incldues agility)
  • Stoneskin    shift+8 (solo, used to be default in raids simply because there was nothing else)
  • StoneClaw    shift+9 (grinding, rarely used)
  • EarthBind    shift+0 (grinding, very occasionally used in raids)
  • FlameTongue    shift+- (raiding, rarely used in reality, dropped just for a fire totem)
  • Grounding    shift+= (Used a fair bit)

which leaves:

  • Tremor Totem – Raid use.
  • Fire Elemental – usually makes an appearance once a raid. Could live with it as a clicky.
  • Cure Poison – raiding
  • Cure Disease – raiding (rare in kara, might have a use in Outland)
  • Fire Resistance – raiding (Illhoof)
  • Nature resistance – not recently used, but has been known to make an appearance in Coilfang
  • Frost Resistance – never used.
  • Grace of Air (agility, now wrapped into stoneskin) RIP
  • WindWall – never used to my recollection.
  • Earth Elemental – Grinding, usually when I want to get to a mining node and finish the mob of after I’ve looted. Could be a clicky.
  • Magma Totem – hmm, I’ve never really liked this one since I saw a bunch of level 20 mobs kill it when I was level 60.
  • Tranquil Air – nope, what was that again? Healer aggro? get a better tank.
  • Sentry – giggle – “oh noes Sentry Totem killed me!”

So I’m going for:

  • ALT+T = Tremor
  • ALT+P= Poison Cleansing
  • ALT+D=Disease Cleaninsg
  • ALR+F=Fire Resistance

until I find a “proper” substitute that lets me use letters instead of numbers for the totems.


I need macros to:

  • If in party Interrupt target or focus with not threat, if not in party interrupt target with max rank EarthShock
  • Nature’s Swiftness + Extra Crit + Greater Healing Wave
  • err, that might actually be it! Healbot can do the rest.


Now we’ve got spellpower instead of seperate +heal and +spellDamage a middling bit of Flowersz’ offspec”/grinding kit is now as usable in healing as it was in grinding. I’ve started rationalizing the extra gear and banking (for later sell-off) much of the duplicate stuff . I’ve been trading off a tiny bit of spellPower for +crit and have with talents gone from 10% crit to 20% crit with only a minimal loss of healing power. Flowersz still has to sort through her rings and trinkets, some of which are now incontrovertibly sub-standard, previously they gave benefit in +damage instead of +heal, now that’s not longer the case. I think she has 8 rings and 6 trinkets.


You can tell I’m still not really with it.

Thursday, 16 October, 2008

Some people amaze me.

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Do some people consistently amaze you? My girlfriend is a constant source of totally pure impressiveness!

A few months ago we were driving down the motorway when the song “Lola” by the Kinks came up on the radio, this site and for no reason whatsoever she suddenly started analysing the song, “on the fly” as it were.

Did you know that there is a theme in the song of “things not being what they seem”? The eponymous Lola is obvious, but not enough in him/herself to present a theme, other examples are

  • drink champagne/and it tastes just like cherry cola
  • electric candle-light
  • I’m not dumb/but I can’t understand
  • Girls will be boys/and boys will be girls

There are other less obvious examples of this that wouldn’t stand on their own, but once the theme is established, well, you can draw your own conclusions.

Who knew that Pop Songs could actually have hidden poetic aspects like this?

Sue constantly amazes me.

Patch day

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The patch hit yesterday and as expected piles of addons didn’t work properly, ed even to the point of stopping me from logging out.

I’ve upgraded most of the essential addons, medicine but I’m still missing a couple of “core” addons, shop and a couple of upgradesdidn’t go too smoothly. I’ve got to redo my MarsBar totem casting and rejig from Bartender3 to Bartender4, amongst others.

I’ve decided not to make piles of dosh through selling herbs for the new Inscribers, instead I’ve found a guildie that’s going to take up inscription and sent all my herbs to them. I guess it adds up to a bit over 12 full stacks of pre-outland herbs, hope it helps.

<Laughs> Epic flying mount is still a few thousand gold away, if I’d been sat at 4000g I guess I might have been more aggressive, but I’ve still got to grind 3000g so it doesn’t feel too relevant at the mo.

I think I’ve shagged my resto talents, somehow I’ve not managed to grab Riptide, there goes a a few gold on a re-spec.

Flowersz did visit the barbershop, but rather surprisingly didn’t get anything done. I must have spent a bit of time on the creation screen because I’m happy with her horns and hair colour, I might just change her hair style to “sassy”, and possibly very pale, but not yet.

Wednesday, 15 October, 2008

Here it comes!

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Patch day. I’m pretty excited and scared.

I’ll have to re-do my talents (like everyone) I think I might try a cookie cutter elemental spec and respec resto as soon as it’s needed, medicine just for a little fun. On the other hand perhaps I should spec resto so that I get my toolbars set-up and do a couple of 5 mans for practice with the new stuff. There’s a fair bit of change to study, women’s health particularly all those crit and proc based differences.

I’m not taking up inscription though I will send all (and I mean all) my herbs to the first guildies that I find who are.

Monday, 13 October, 2008


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Knackerd today, order but I thought I ought to point out that my last comment on our Master Healer was not in any way intended to put him down for using his best spell. Like most other healers he does a shed load of other stuff as well as just heal, and what’s more like ALL raid leaders he does another shed load more as well.

Flowersz on the other hand just heals, ‘coz it’s so much easier for me.

Friday, 10 October, 2008

Naughty, naughty, smack, smack, smack

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Which was part of the verse of a comedienne I once saw in a clubs somewhere a long time ago. She wasn’t very good, medicine but that bit stuck.

Yet another Kara run, I’d not planned to go on this one, but I did anyway, joining at Moroes. Three runs in a week is very very naughty of me and completely blows my personal restriction of 1 raid night a week out of the water. Fortunately the raid finished on Curator at around 10:30 (UK Summertime) so I wasn’t late to bed and Sue got a reasonable night’s sleep. I’ve noticed if I go to bed really late not only am I tired the next morning, but so is Sue.

No Wipes. Really, not one, and that’s despite having a couple of fairly new blue DPS in the raid. Kudos to Rad our raid leader.


Flowersz got the [Red Riding Hood's Cloak] from Big Bad Wolf, replacing her [White Remedy Cape] – so that just leaves her Tunic and Weapon as the only non-epic items she has left, and she’s a little over halfway to the badges for her tunic, five more runs should sort that.

Nuttin special, though she tried dropping Earthbind Totem on the Arcane Anomaly trash pull before Curator. The Anomalies themselves are immune to it, but the Siphoners that come with them aren’t. Hopefully this reduced the damage the tank gets on the long run back from pulling the last couple of trash groups. Flowersz will be doing that next time.

Despite some of the fights being long Flowers was only healing on empty for a few moments on Moroes, I blame this on still having my grinding gear equipped. It wasn’t until after the fight that I noticed I had the wrong shield on.


Did Moroes in my grinding kit so several hundred less +heal, and quite a bit less mp5.

Forgot the tremor totem on the trash just before Opera, it was a hairy couple of moments when two of our healers (Flowersz was one of them) were put to sleep by the “bad poetry”.

Had a flash of inspiration when our esteemed Raid Leader was telling one of the other players to remove the armour buff on some of the trash. Whoa! I’ve got a spell somewhere that does that! Now all I have to do is put it on an accessible key and set-up a macro to Purge on the focus’s target.


Still second on the meters. Our Healy Pally is a Master Healer even if he does only cast one healing spell (97% of his direct healing casts)!

If any of the newbies to Kara want to see the stats drop me an e-mail or add a comment.

Thursday, 9 October, 2008

Linkin’ Post

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This post by Dechion wasn’t bad: 9 Random things to do. The 100g game particularly amused me.

Wednesday, 8 October, 2008


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Part of the second part of Kara last night, ambulance 3 bosses only. Though I think (hope) that a clean-up party was being organised up for later in the night to tidy-up and finish off the dragons.

The Bad:

Flowersz was responsible for a wipe. I know this is like saying the last goal scored was the one that won the match, illness but then that’s often how it’s phrased isn’t it?

Healing prince in the second phase, healing the one where he hits like a steam hammer, I stopped spamming heal on the tank to cast a heal on one of the melee. Result: Wipe!

I’m not doing that again unless we’ve got an explicit assignment set-up for it. Any melee are going to have to rely on a chain heal bounce and consider themselves lucky that I’m risking the tank’s life with a 3 second low heal cast.

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