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Wednesday, 29 October, 2008

Thought Police

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 10:47 am

The R word.

A couple of guildies were using the word “rape” in Guild chat the other night, visit this there was nothing at all malicious about it. I piped up anyway and asked them to drop it. Which they did without question, side effects kudos to them.

I have a strange reaction to this word, it doesn’t outright offend me, not like say listening to a National Front speech. I don’t know of anyone personally who’s been raped. But it is a little upsetting, for me it conjures up an extreemly distateful feeling somewhere between thinking about torture and slavery.

I think part of my reaction to the casual use is because it was not common use when I was growing up, so I’ve not become inured to it, unlike say the word bugger which normally has no associations with the actual act whatsoever. I do know from reading several blogs that there are quite a few women who really object strongly to this word being used casually, and perhaps that alone is reason enough to say something rather than just keep quiet.

I realize that playing a female character called Flowersz might be taken to indicate some sort of oddity on my part, and that certainly occured to me as is typed, but as far as I know I’m fairly normal.

Anyway, thanks to the guildies who took my interruption in good part. I promise not to be a member of the “thought police”.

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