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Friday, 28 November, 2008

What goes around

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Flowersz was scrounging a portal to Dalaran last night, this she tried Ironforge and it looked hopeful when a Mage called EvilBlonde said she’d do it, but needed to get some reagents… I told her to take her time and let her run off, but then spotted her quite some time later running around near the mailbox.

My next “try” was a success, a Mage called Bananabomb who I’d spotted in Ironforge and then again in Shattrath. He immediately responded and turned down my offer of 20g for the portal. I know 20g is probably a bit much, but I wanted to pay what *I* was happy to pay.

I’m going to use my newfound access to higher level Jewelcrafting recipes to make Bananabomb an decent intellect gem for his necklace (I’ve scanned his armory and his gem is a green one), I hope he likes it.

Interesting take from another Munqui

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I’ve just read the Phasers on Stun post from Smyth, visit this another Munqui, prostate on how Blizaard could “leverage” the “phasing” mechanic. An interesting idea and good news for all of us WoWers, I think, if Blizzard ever pick it up.

Thursday, 27 November, 2008

Wrong agani

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Typo intentional(ish), psychotherapist well I’m keeping it anyway!

Apparently, from reading previous blog posts, Flowersz was born on the 26th November so I missed her birthday 🙁

Ding and some other stuff

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Flowersz has just Dinged level 72.

This is for all you players out there that are feeling left out by the rapid levelers – you’re not alone. There are some of us who like to wander around and enjoy the leveling experience. You only get to level for the first time once, seek enjoy it, recipe revel in it, smother it in marmite and then lick it clean – whatever rocks your boat! The end game will still be in the same place in another months time.

On the other stuff front:

We (and I mean we) missed our anniversary completely (it was on the 18th)! We’ll do something this weekend to make up for it I’m sure.

Flowersz birthday is tomorrow, she’s first mentioned in this blog on the 28th November 2007, so that’s going to be her official birthday, even though she was probably created a few days before.

Wednesday, 26 November, 2008


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OK, ed not an exciting post, but….

As I’d previously decided Flowersz went back to Restoration, she hasn’t done any more questing, though I don’t expect any problems, it will be business as usual on that front.

She didn’t do any questing because she manage to wangle a guild invite to the Nexus. I have to say I was quite worried after my dismal showing there last time, though with some tips from the group leader it was a success!

The group was made up of me, a dps Druid (hi Tins), a Warrior, and two Death Knights. The fact that there were two Death Knights is a fairly big clue to how experienced the group were. One of the DK’s was acting as tank. I must say well played DK’s can’t half keep aggro! Not once did Flowersz pull any aggro throughout the entire instance. The whole run took 1h:18m. The last fight took: 1m:45s

We tore through the first bosses without any problems, until we arrived at Keristrasa. I can’t say I felt confident here at all, though I did try to put into action my previous lessons. We wiped twice, once through my deat, and once through the tank’s death. Both pretty clearly the Healers fault. We downed the dragon on the third attempt though.

Keristrasa is, for me at least, a difficult fight. A few thoughts on the fight, mainly pulled from the successful attempts:

  • Jiggle, don’t jump. I didn’t try jumping because of previous experience on how long this takes, so I just jiggled left and right.
  • Jiggle after every cast,  and I mean every cast, the debuffs hurt. I’ve heard say you can move every other cast, maybe so, but try to fit the jiggle in during the Global Cooldown after an instant for efficiency. Up to you.
  • Healer heal thyself. After the first or second wipe it dawned on me that I was probably the weakest link because I’ve not got much stamina, so the debuffs were affecting me more seriously than anyone else. I’ve gotten used to raids where there’s at least one healer ready to heal another one (one healer is obviously focussing on the tank and doesn’t have time to spare). Giving myself high priority kept me up long enough to heal the others. I actually healed myself more in the last fight than I healed the tank!
  • This is a DPS fight. I don’t know how other healers do in this fight, but the group health as a whole was gradually getting lower as the fight progressed, I couldn’t outheal the incoming damage, though I could mitigate it. I’m used to “topping off”, in this fight I was fighting the other end. You’d better hope your group downs the dragon before it all gets too much. I can’t comment on mana, I didn’t run out. Having to move and avoid the big heals meant Flowersz wasn’t putting out as much HPS as usual.
  • Grounding Totem. Use it. Keep on using it. It was the group leader that stressed this, and he was totally right. It grounds the Chains which stops damage and more importantly stop you from getting silenced for an unbearable length of time. I’ve lost my verbal announcements with the 3.0 patch so I had to drag my GotWood indicators right next to healbot to keep them in eyesight. I’d be surprised if a Shammy can heal this fight without Grounding Totem.
  • Riptide, I don’t think I could have managed without it. Its instant, it heals, and you can “jiggle” in the Global Cooldown so no time wasted!
  • Heroism: use it at around 30%, probably much earlier.
  • Reincarnate: Forget it, if you need it then it’s a wipe! I tried, popped up, and got killed within 3 seconds!

There are still things I could have done better in the last attempt:

  • I got lured into using Chain Heal once, (the other time was with Nature’s Swiftness).
  • I should have used a Frost Resistance Totem, I wasn’t using any Fire totems at the time!
  • I’m not sure about how my mana was going, but a “boosted” Healing stream might have been a good idea since I wasn’t keeping up with the incoming damage.
  • I should have used Tidal Force on the tank at some point. (Should combine this into a Nature’s Swiftness, blow all trinkets macro).
  • Perhaps I could have pulled out the Fire Elemental as well.

Ah well, some lessons learnt, none too serious fortunately.

Tuesday, 25 November, 2008


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I didn’t play warcraft at all last night!

Didn’t even look at any warcraft web sites!

Just thought I’d let you all know that.

Monday, 24 November, 2008


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Hardly did any playing this weekend what with visiting the sis-in-law and all. Nevertheless I re-specced elemental on Friday. I had to do it twice after screwing up some points. I smiled, visit this is so like me. After sorting my talent points out I immediately tried bopping a few level 68’s (green), unhealthy peasy easy. Then Flowersz went to the inn and didn’t come out again until Sunday night for a little questing.

Deary deary me! I died twice in one hour, once fighting only three level 70s and the second time only two! Twice in an hour! It’s unheard of! It’s unreasonable! And it’s a sign of how crappy my playing is! I can clearly remember the last two times I died as resto, once while bashing on a couple of Iron Dwarves when three more appeared over the horizon, and once when I accidentally got caught up in someone else’s quest event where 20 Iron Dwarves appear, yup 20! I had time to count them while I was waiting for them to despawn.

I’ll give it a few more days, but I’m already beginning to miss being indestructable. I’m badly missing Earth Shield, Nature’s Swiftness and super massive self healing. I’m sure Elemental has something to make up for the loss of these talents, but it’s clearly going to take time for me to find the correct playstyle.

As it stands at the moment I’m really quite tempted to go back to resto spec for leveling! (That last sentence has got to be pretty rare on the interweb). Jagerbombz latest post is tempting me back to Resto leveling (and my comfort zone).  I know resto is (supposed to be) slower, but actually I think that suits me just fine.

We’ll see.

I promise, if I do go back I’ll stop whinging about how bad it is leveling as resto, unless I’m comparing against leveling as Enhancement (which from memory was ROFLCOPTERS fun).


  • Respec resto (Yup I’ve decided already!)
  • Finish off questing in Howling Fjord (I’ve maybe 2-4 hours left there) and see another zone.
  • Start leveling Jewelcrafting, cooking and fishing. Mining is coming along fine.
  • Pay someone to portal me to Dalaran
  • Mooch around generally
  • and whinge (mustn’t slack on the whinging).
  • Maybe do an instance
  • Hit level 72 by the end of the week (only 6 hours more to go).

Thursday, 20 November, 2008

Why am I resto specced?

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So why am I resto spec?

Fuck knows – excuse my French.

The reasons:

  • I’m barely doing any instances – only once in a weeks worth of heavy playtime – so I’m not resto for that reason.
  • To get practice at raid healing – I doubt that raid healing will be that different – so I’m not resto for that.
  • Because I’ve got a slight aversion to “pew pew” – that doesn’t really stack up with what I’m doing when questing.
  • Habit –  Now that is a real possibility.
  • Because I don’t care that I’m “slow” – maybe, asthma though I cannot deny feeling a little jealous of the speedy levelers.
  • Because I don’t want to learn a new play style – habit again, going elemental would only be a small change to playstyle.

So, either Flowersz does more instances or she goes Elemental! Going Elemental isn’t the issue it used to be since the Spell Power change.

Sure I won’t be able to heal instances, but then I’m not healing any at the moment anyway. I am seeing calls for healers on Guild Chat, but they mostly seem to come late in the evening, not long before I’m going to log-off or early in the evening before I’m going to eat. That and an aversion to 5 man healing where the rest of the group really can tell I’m not very skilled.

Respec incoming! (perhaps).

Epic Flying Mount – NOT

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Progress in WOTLK is comparatively slow. I’m playing a fair bit, stuff but not actually leveling that fast. No surprises there. But I have finally topped 5000g across all my toons.  So now I’m not buying an epic flying mount, link because I can’t use it for another few levels (read weeks).

I made the last 1000 gold by selling gems Flowersz has prospected from Cobalt Ore rather than using them to level jewelcrafting. I’ve given up on JC as a straight money maker, stuff I’m not hard-core enough to get reputation for any unusual profitable recipes, I’m going to simply use the prospecting part as a “Farming” exercise, just like my  (dis)enchanting bank alt. Gems are going for about 50-60g each if I’m lucky, though last weekend they were topping 100g each. You never know, perhaps this weekend they’ll peak again, I hope so. I think I’ll check the prices of raw Cobalt Ore tonight and see if there’s an easy decent profit to be made there.

It’s a bit of a letdown to finally have enough money and not be able to really use it.

Monday, 17 November, 2008

must *gasp* run *gasp* more… dungeons.

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Yup, abortion feeling better already! Resolution time!

Must run more dungeons – perhaps that should be the title of this blog, phthisiatrician it’s certainly not the first time I’ve said it.

I said to myself when I bought the expansion that I’d take it easy and go the scenic route. Doing dungeons will definitely slow me down and get me out of the “just one more quest” mentality.

By the way, have you been paying attention to the NPC speech bubbles? I particularly like that poor goblin captain and his captured zeppelin. The quest texts sometimes have a bit of humour in them too.

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