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Monday, 3 November, 2008

Odds ‘n’ sods, or Murmur farts in my general direction.

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Interesting weekend, treat played far more than I ought to. Didn’t do any fishing, buy information pills bah!

Joined a Guild Run through Caverns of Time, both Durnhold and Black Morass. We were severely overpowered and despite losing our main tank on the last boss in BM (Flowersz was stunned and couldn’t heal) we still 4 manned him. The group went on to have a go at Shadow Labs. Flowersz has still to complete even the first part of her Kara key quest chain, but it was getting a little late, and I had already booked the next night for a late play-time so I regretfully bowed out. As it happens I was still online half an hour later when they’d all finished Murmur off.

Next day, and I’m online again! There’s a group forming for SL, and I quarter heartedly said I’d heal. Anyway the group formed and went in without me, really truly entirely my fault for leaving the whole thing hanging.

So that’s two more guild SL runs without Flowersz. I’m gonna remove that quest from my quest log, it’s quite clear I’m not going to do it!

Lesson learnt – in Rash I’m going to be more proactive (where have you heard that before?) and do my quest lines, even perhaps get a group or two together myself! To be honest I’m not really good at this planning malarky (had you noticed?) and enjoy joining ad-hoc quest groups, it’s like finding some money behind the cushions.

Sundays Kara run for “noobs”

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Oops, sildenafil I typed boobs instead of noobs, <smile>.

Kara Run

Last night we did a “noob” kara run. Given the new release just around the corner (10 days away) this wasn’t really a gearing run, more of a, dare I say it, sightseeing tour. Obviously nothing is a straightforwards as that, and valuable raiding experience was gained, Flowersz certainly gained some. We had a fair number of players new to the raid, only one player had a key, and there were a few overgeared players (Flowersz was one) who were there to act as a “buffer” against mistakes.

We one-shotted the place and, as far as I know, only had one mistake, that was me starting the chess event before any explanation was given! aside: Flowersz was spam clicking the pawn in front of the king to see if the amusing text about the guard shuffling changed when somehow she clicked on the King. “FUCK” as she said in chat! Still we didn’t have to face the same of wiping on chess, even though a lot of people were unsure what was going on.

The raid leader (well one of them anyway) got me onto Voice Chat, which unfortunately I couldn’t refuse since I’d just that evening got it working, not that I said much. He also tagged me as the marked player to follow to keep out of the blizzard, the bastard! He even called me out because I’d not shouted at the other players when they needed to follow me :).

After we’d finished with Prince and got the Karazahn achievement we went on to the “new” boss. I wonder if this is going to be a taster of how the bosses are going to be in Rash. Flowersz got given the assignement of healing up the players affected by the “mirror” debuff. There’s a lot of movement, really quite a lot indeed. So for Flowersz it was run, run, run, avoiding the red “spirit” blobs and trying to get infront of the tank, heal, heal, heal to get the debuffed player upto full health and run again! No time for totems, just keep on moving. A “riptide” macro would have been a great help here, since it’s difficult to use the mouse on healbot and for movement at the same time. Still, we one-shotted the vampire, collected our bat pets and the tank won the roll on the axe. It’s got a cracking on-use animation, well worth the effort IMHO

Mucho loot dropped, and hardly any was sharded which is nice, we even got a couple of epics and a blue dropping off trash.

Boss Loot list:

[Handwraps of Flowing Thought], [Harbinger Bands]

[Belt of Gale Force], [Edgewalker Longboots]

[Bands of Nefarious Deeds], [Totem of Healing Rains] – sharded

Opera, Wizard of Oz
[Libram of Souls Redeemed], [Ruby Slippers]

[Scaled Breastplate of Carnage], [Emberspur Talisman]

[Gloves of the Fallen Defender], [Staff of Infinite Mysteries]

[Saberclaw Talisman], [Boots of the Infernal Coven]

[Malefic Girdle], [Breastplate of the Lightbinder]

[Mithril Band of the Unscarred], [Mantle of Abrahmis]

[Legplates of the Innocent], [Mithril Chain of Heroism]

[Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix], [Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted], [Helm of the Fallen Champion]

Vampire Boss
[Arcanite Ripper]


Bleugh. Flowersz is getting better, decursing is fine, it’s in healbot, but Purging is still too difficult, select target (usually focus), press F to find their target, and then press “2”. A macro is definitely in order. I even managed to squeeze in a couple of interrupts. Heroism and the Fire Elemental made their usual appearances.

I did a minor rework on her action bars and now have one specifically for raiding that’s missing a lot of the rubbish and puts some needed spells in a better location. All I need to do now is to learn where they are.

And here’s a new bit, looking at someone else!

Our “noob” priest was a little demoralized when she saw the healing meters mid run, I can totally sympathize. Basically its a case of “been there done that”, when Flowersz is in a Raid with Trimack, the guild’s master healer, Flowersz feels pretty much as if she weren’t needed. It is quite dissapointing when you are healing your heart out and only come in at 18%. I put her as my focus and she certainly seemed to be doing everything right, she was using mana efficient Greater Heals and canceled several unneeded heals. The only reason her showing seemed poor was because Flowersz was “sniping” in quick Lesser Healing Waves and the Druid was doing whatever trees do.

Terestrian Illhoof:

Look at the overhealing! Our poor priest didn’t get a much of a look-in!

Meriel, you did fine, you just had your thunder stolen out from under you by the overgeared healers. The healing meters don’t give any context, they certainly don’t show when you saved a life/the raid, you know when that’s happened, but the meters never ever show it.

An aside.

Once again Flowersz was complimented on her healing. Fair play, I think she did well though Kara is no longer the trail by fire that it used to be. But the healy meters show that the other epic geared healer was easily her equal. Being on the “inside”, as it were, I know that Flowersz healing is not really that outstanding. I’m reasonably confident that she’s up-to par nowadays, but Shaman chain healing (lazor beams FTW) is much more eye-catching than Druid Hots.

Post Weekend

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Or perhaps the weekend post. Your choice.

Flowersz has hit a major milestone this weekend, help 2500gold, that’s halfway to getting training for an epic flying mount, which she’ll not be using for at least a few weeks in Northrend.

She’s also finally gathered  110 Badges of Justice which is enough for 7 epic gems, or a pretty decent upgrade to her T4 Chest [Cyclone Hauberk]. The choices are the [Wave of Life Chestguard] or the Spell Haste equivalent [Hauberk of Whirling Fury].

I no longer have to look at the epic gems for making money anymore, the price for gems is now well below 200g, and in some cases around 100g. I’m not that desperate for 700g. The epic cuts are still going for better value, but I don’t believe many people will be buying  epics, they’re probably buying the cheaper blues because they’ll be looking to replace their gear soon(ish) anyway.

Back to the Chestpiece, given how rarely the Hauberk of Whirling Fury appears in lists I’m guessing this was Elemental gear that only became valid for healers post 3.0 patch. The Hauberk is an interesting dilemma, less mp5 and more haste makes for going out of Mana faster. On the other hand it looks like Blizzard are heading towards Spell Haste as a required stat. The Wave of Life is nice, but my overhealing is phenomenal at the moment, so it’s debatable whether I actually need the extra healing. I think I’ll probably end up playing it safe though.

There was a Kara run on Sunday night, next post for details.

Answer and Question

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(This post got lost somehow)

Answer: Shift Work

Question: How come there’s so many Munqui’s online during the day?

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