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Wednesday, 5 November, 2008

Zul’Aman notes

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The timing of this raid was spot-on, treat Sue was travelling back from Tewkesbury and wasn’t expecting to arrive home until around 22:00. Because of this she had heavily hinted that it would be a good night to raid. What’s more she got home about 5 minutes after we had downed the last boss.
Went well

Flowersz wasn’t (directly) responsible for any wipes (yay me!). I do try to grab any small blessings I can.

Missed all the bombs on the third (timed?) boss, got really lucky on one set and didn’t have to move at all. There’s still some luck involved in this, I can usually move a little to get enough distance from the bombs, but if I ever get caught in a cluster I think I’m going to have problems deciding on where to go.

Positioning is useful here, the bombs get laid from the center outwards, so being further away give you more warning, unfortunately it also give you a bit less movement time. So far I’ve got the impression that the bombs are more spread out the further away you are, so that also helps. I need to see if standing by the stairs and running down them is a viable plan, this will affect line of sight though and mean that Flowersz would get back into the fight a bit later. Definitely not a “Plan A”, but having a backup plan at all is way better than panicking.
Went So So

I tried out casting Earth Shield on myself during the “Spirit Bolts” phase of the boss fight. No good, the bolts come so fast the extra protection against pushback is completely overwhelmed and spells still take the extra maximum pushback time to cast.

I’ll have to go away and look at the pushback mechanic. I’ve the feeling it’s got a top limit so I can assume it adds a constant time to all spells which will affect quick spells by a bigger percentage than slower spells. Also I’ll have a look at using a maximized Healing rotation like CH, HW, CH, HW, whatever happens I’m sure I’ll need to know this sort of thing when I hit the Rash endgame. Maybe even think about gemming some Haste instead of mp5 since Flowersz isn’t having much in the way of Mana issues (Water tide only once).

Went badly
Purge didn’t work at all last night, which is a massive bummer. Worse yet, I wasn’t even aware that it was failing, the ui was displaying “Nothing to dispell”. I was OK with this message since I was mashing the button when healing wasn’t required.

I died to that horrible lightning with knock-back phase (on the last boss?), I reincarnated and immediately started trying to heal myself to stay upright through the next set of casts. Yeah I survived, but it took some doing and I was significantly helped by a pally switching to backup healer. What I didn’t do though is use Tidal Force for the free crits, and Heroism for the haste, this would have stabilized me much much faster. In turn this would have freed up that backup-healer and given me time to recast my totems both of which which would have significantly shortened that phase of the fight. I’ll give some special thinking to a “reincarnate plan”, the sooner Flowersz is back healing the better the fight will go. Also, if I go again, I’ll stand in a different place, I don’t remember being so badly affected the last time Flowersz visited this boss.

I’ll have another globe of water please.

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I’ve bought a few glyphs for Flowersz, neurosurgeon and in their unobtrusive way I think they help. I’ve got 2 major glyphs and only 1 minor glyph. But, this post by “Tank 2 Heals” suggests that I can equip the same minor glyph more than once!

I’m especially interested in the idea of even more Water Shield orbs to reduce the strain of recasting water shield several times during a long fight. What’s more there don’t seem to be many resto shaman minor glyphs which is why I’ve only got the one.

Harping On

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Just a quickie on a topic that I’ve mentioned more times than you lot care to read…..

Heroics & Karazahn and gearing…..

So the general feeling you get from the world wide web is that a resto shaman needs +1000 heal (in old money) to go into Karazahn, misbirth which I think is probably fair, though you can get away with less if your group is good.

The best place to pick up gear this good is to run heroics. I tried this a couple of times when I was at around +700/+800 heal (still in old money) and got told that I really wasn’t well enough geared and needed around +1000 heal (coincidentally the same as for Kara). Obviously something of a conflict going on here and I’ve never believed that Blizzard intended the game to have a catch 22 situation like this.

Anyway, finally getting to the point….. Ghostcrawler is on the record as saying … we thought Karazhan, [and other dungeons] were too steep a jump in difficulty from the heroics.

Which is exactly what I though Blizzard were intending.

I raise my middle finger to all you puggers that turned me down. You are now officially elitist gits.

I promise not to comment on this topic again for at least a few days.

Must learn to program

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Yesterdays Purge macro didn’t work, purchase at all! Looking at the combat log I didn’t get a single successful Purge despite casting it loads of times.

I don’t know what’s up with it at the moment, abortion it looks like it’s not targetting anything. Unfortunately¬† blizz don’t display a message like “WTF, thumb you %$¬£@!ing noob, you couldn’t write a macro for toffees“, instead it simply says “nothing to dispel” which is exactly what it says when there is nothing to dispel.

So that’s a “C” for effort and “F” for quality.

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