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Friday, 7 November, 2008

What to do when you’re given a second chance at life.

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Nice title! Actually I’m thinking about my post-reincarnate raid recovery program. You know how it is, physician a nasty piece of AOE catches you with low health and suddenly you’re flat on your back looking at two buttons:

Release and Reincarnate

  • Rule 1: don’t press Release just yet.

OK, so we’ve completed that bit successfully (and I don’t always manage that), the raid leader hasn’t declared a wipe because you’re the only player down and the boss is on 30%, instead he’s asking if there’s a Druid with a Battle Rez. Pipe up now and let them know you have a reincarnate button! If you’ve got a microphone now is the time to actually let your raid know that you’re not really a girlie, but a man’s man who plays girls, gives them girly names, roleplays about doing the darning and likes ponies (Thanks to Smythy for that one).

  • Rule 2: don’t press Reincarnate just yet.

If the AOE is still going on you’re just going to die again. (Yup! Been there done that, several times.)

If the AOE isn’t still going on is it about to start again? (Been there done that too!)

OK, the AOE has recently finished so there’s going to be a break in raid damage, now is the time to press Reincanate.

Woo Hoo! Your toon is standing on its own two feet (hooves). But OMG she’s practically dead already, itsy witsy teensy weeny amounts of health and mana! So now’s the time to put your reincarnate plan into practice – you do have one don’t you? No? Been there done that as well!

Next post is going to be the results of me coming up with a workable reincarnate plan, cunningly tested  by jumping off the Aldor terrace in Shattrath once an hour.

Ha! You thought I was just going to post an unproven set of macros like I normally do – didn’t you? Well I did, but I’ve deleted them from this post – so there!

Earth Shield, Hex Lord Malacrass and why thinking is better than bad statistics.

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Here’s the results of a Chain Heal cast time analysis from a Hex Lord Malacrass fight where I cast Earth Shield on myself during the Spirit Bolt phase.

average cast times:

  • no damage:2.475
  • taking damage with ES:2.733
  • extra time taken to cast: 0.258
  • %age extra cast time during damage: 10-13%
  • %age extra cast time during damage without ES (from a previous run with lots of data): 23%
  • Improvement in “pushback”: from 3.04 (theoretical) to 2.733 = 0.3seconds

This looks like much more of an improvement than I expected, approved go figure. I really would need much more data to be confident, generic at the moment the error bars overlap. It looks like the pushback benefit from ES is “always” on, urologist not just when it consumes an orb, though 2 of the 3 times ES healed the cast times were quite a bit better.

My recommendation: Cast ES on yourself during AOE from a single boss.

My Reasoning: It’s raid wide damage, the tank isn’t taking any more damage than you, you’ve probably got less health and would benefit more from the ES heals than the tank AND you benefit from the protection against pushback (even if it’s only on orb consumption). These reasons are so good it doesn’t matter if my stats are right or wrong, it’s still the right thing to do!


The actual numbers….. (Skip this)

  • not receiving any damage: 2.475 (2.21 to 2.807) std dev of 0.167 [22 samples]
  • 2 or more bolts: 2.733 (2.645 to 2.972) stddev of 0.182 [8 samples]
  • ES doesn’t heal: 2.802 (2.702 to 2.972) stddev of 0.101 [5 samples]
  • ES does heal: 2.619 (2.465 to 2.911) stddev of 0.253 [3 samples]

The three times EarthShield healed during the Spirit Bolts and casting had cast times of:2.48, 2.911, 2.465

I’ve got a couple of data points where I only received 1 damage during the cast, I’ve removed these because they wouldn’t have produced full pushback, they were distinctly lower cast times than the average.

I’ts really difficult to make a real conclusion with this little data, but I think it might be fair to say that it takes between 10 and 13% longer to cast when taking damage with an earth shield on compared with 23% longer without (lots of data from a previous run).

Purging woes

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Lets hope I don’t get many hits from from people searching for ano [] rexia sites.

I tried out a bit of my purge macro last night on the Darkspire Myrmidons and it seems to be OK for Target and Focus (without target). Kinda weird.  I kept trying to find other players so I could test out the “targettarget” part, shop but unusually there just didn’t seem to be many about.

I’ll keep on working at it.

I’m looking at how big an effect casting Earth shield on myself during Boss AOE phases has on cast times. This was prompted by Jager’s Raiding Tip o’ the Day, the preliminary results seem to show that it has quite a big effect, I’m looking at the numbers in detail now because the cast times seem pretty variable.

Also Tank 2 Heals has discovered that you can’t have two of the same glyph. Bummer, I was soo looking forwards to having 6 little orbs.

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