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Monday, 10 November, 2008


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Not the first oops post, order this one is because I’ve noticed a couple of problemettes with the macros in my fortcoming “recovery room” post. Good Job I tested them. I’ve had another couple of ideas since this weekend, so I’ll be jumping off the Aldor Terrace at least once more 🙁

The things I do for you!


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Monday morning post, ask traditional roundup of a boring weekend.

Whee! Flowersz ran her first successful heroic. Yeah, link I know it’s a bit late in the day to celebrate running the easiest heroic there is, diet but there you go – she’s never completed a heroic. We did wipe a couple of times on trash, but the bosses were easy mode.

It was also a successful weekend on the money front, so far I’ve bought and immediately resold 3 designs/formulas making probably 120g (30%) profit on them alone. I bought them at around 30 to 40% and sold at about 75% market value. Of course I did know that they were “attractive” recipes and the sell prices weren’t unrealistic (I might even have bought them myself at those prices).

I may even have made my money back on the [Runed Living Ruby] recipe, buying several for 40g and selling for between 55 and 65 gold. If I’d bought this design a while ago I can see how it would have made a nice steady profit over time.

I’ve been buying up huge stocks of low level trade materials (cloth, ore, leather), bidding or buying at low prices, weekends are always good for low prices. I’m hoping these will sell for a decent markup to Death Knights who are leveling their first aid / tailoring / leatherworking / jewelcrafting / blacksmithing professions come the expansion. It’s a gamble, but not insanely risky.

Which reminds me, I must buy the first aid manuals for reselling.

I’m hoping that anything you can farm below level 55 is going to be desired by new Death Knights because they will be alts of “rich” players who want to level ASAP and can’t be bothered farming low level materials, obviously they’ll have to do some gathering to skill-up, but that’s not going to be enough to feed their material requirements.

I even found time to level Flowersz’ fishing skill from 225 to 237, still very low, but leveling fishing is pleasantly mindless. If there’s no raiding going on (and that looks likely) I’ll probably continue leveling fishing. I doubt I’ll be able to skill up enough to fish in Northrend as I’m leveling though.

On the Northrend leveling prospects, I think I’ll take it steady and enjoy the scenery, this means I’ll be a little late into the Raiding scene. I hope there’ll be enough other Munquis taking their time so Flowersz can still join groups for quests and gearing.

OK, I know you’re all waiting for the second part of my how to pull off a “Lazarus”, don’t worry, I did do the jump of death a few times from the Aldor Tier (and dismissed my flying mount mid air a couple of times) to check my macros. I’ll be publishing the results later.

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