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Tuesday, 11 November, 2008

Recovery Room

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OK, there here’s the macro I’m building to recover quickly from an emergency Reincarnate. Remember this is that Oh Shit moment you’ve been saving all those cooldowns that you never end up using for. I’ve got my macro’s bound to two keys, side effects

1. use all the trinkets and immediate spells

2. to execute a cast sequence of the “slower” spells.

I’ve got these two macros temporarily bound to CTRL-F12 and F12, so after a reincarnate I hit CTRL-F12 (a couple of times for fun) and then mash F12 repetitively for a few seconds.

So far it looks like:

  • /target player
  • /use Figurine – Seaspray Albatross (could be “/use 13”)
  • /use Direbrew Hops (could be “/use 14”)
  • /cast Nature’s Swiftness (check the spelling on this one)
  • /cast Tidal Force

And then

  • /castsequence Riptide, Water Shield, Chain Heal, Mana Tide Totem, Earthliving Weapon, Purge, Purge, Purge, Purge

You’ll notice I’ve banged out *all* my cooldowns in the first macro, none of which (as far as I’ve noticed) invoke the global cooldown, or give you a penalty if you run it twice. The first actual “spell” is Riptide, on the second macro, because Riptide is an instant cast, it doesn’t consume Natures Swiftness leaving this ready for the Lesser Chain Heal.

And then

OK, so you’ve cast all these spells and you’re not likely to die again for at least a few seconds, but you’ve still got stuff to do…

Don’t get straight back into healing, the raid probably hasn’t noticed that you’re back yet, take the time to do all those little shamany things…

  • Drop some more totems, mana tide is still doing it’s job, so mana stream in a moment.
  • Drink a Mana Potion, your health is fine, but your mana really isn’t that good.
  • Consider waiting a little before getting back into the fight so you get a little more mana regen, you didn’t rezz during the AOE, so there might not be too much raid waide damage to heal and the Pally has probably got the tank covered.
  • Finally
  • Drop Mana Stream
  • Start healing carefully, you are operating at low mana, you really don’t want to be overhealing that much. Interrupt heals that aren’t needed use big mana efficient heals if you can, all of that.

Gory details

Here’s some rough numbers got by merging times from one test run and values from another.

Health before death is 7749. On rezz I start with 20% of 7749 health which is 1550 and a deficit of 6200

  • Hit macro 1
  • 6:25:52.888  gain Seaspray Albatross
  • 6:25:53.112  gain Hopped Up
  • 6:25:53.132  gain Tidal Force
  • 6:25:53.132  gain Tidal Force(2)
  • 6:25:53.132  gain Tidal Force(3)
  • 6:25:53.145  gain Tidal Force
  • 6:25:53.145  gain Nature’s Swiftness
  • 6:25:54.013  gain 75 mana from Seaspray Albatross
  • 6:25:54.882  gain 75 mana from Seaspray Albatross
  • clearly there’s a slight 2 second pause before I start spamming macro 2
  • 6:25:55.101  Tidal Force fades
  • 6:25:55.302  Riptide heals for 2202 (critical) – the first critical heal, health is now 3752
  • 6:25:55.302  gain Riptide – this is the DOT part
  • 6:25:55.314  gain Tidal Waves
  • 6:25:55.451  Water Shield cast failed “Not yet recovered” – spamming FTW
  • 6:25:56.106  gain 75 mana from Seaspray Albatross
  • 6:25:56.692  gain Water Shield
  • 6:25:56.920  gain 75 mana from Seaspray Albatross
  • 6:25:57.027  Chain Heal cast failed “Not yet recovered” – more spamming
  • 6:25:57.881  gain 75 mana from Seaspray Albatross
  • 6:25:58.250  gain 433 health from Riptide – health is now 4185
  • 6:25:58.402  Chain Heal heals for 3503 (2836 Overhealed) (Critical)
  • full health, and to spare!
  • 6:25:58.518  Mana Tide Totem cast failed “Not yet recovered” – spam
  • 6:25:58.602  Nature’s Swiftness fades
  • 6:25:58.602  Riptide fades
  • 6:25:58.602  gain Tidal Waves
  • 6:25:59.005  gain 75 mana from Seaspray Albatross
  • 6:26:00.011  Mana Tide Totem cast successful
  • 6:26:00.011  gain 75 mana from Seaspray Albatross
  • 6:26:00.042  Earthliving Weapon failed “Not yet Recovered” – spam
  • 6:26:00.696  Earthliving Weapon failed “Not yet Recovered” – spam
  • 6:26:00.830  Earthliving Weapon cast successful
  • 6:26:00.880  gain 75 mana from Seaspray Albatross
  • 6:26:02.170  gain 75 mana from Seaspray Albatross
  • 6:26:03.008  gain 75 mana from Seaspray Albatross
  • 6:26:03.411  618 mana from Mana Tide Totem’s Mana Tide Totem
  • 6:26:03.997  gain 75 mana from Seaspray Albatross
  • 6:26:04.884  gain 75 mana from Seaspray Albatross
  • 6:26:05.103  Seaspray Albatross finished
  • 6:26:06.208  618 mana from Mana Tide Totem’s Mana Tide Totem
  • 6:26:09.408  618 mana from Mana Tide Totem’s Mana Tide Totem
  • 6:26:12.206  618 mana from Mana Tide Totem’s Mana Tide Totem
  • 6:26:13.127  Mana Tide Totem dies
  • 6:26:13.127  Hopped Up fades
  • 6:26:13.127  Tidal Force fades
  • 6:26:13.512  Tidal Waves fades

So in 5.5 seconds I’m back at full health. Looking at this in more detail I see that the crit on Chain Heal might just be enough to bring me close to full health so I’ll be considering making CH the first healing spell I cast to get me close to full health (instantly because of nature’s Swiftness) and a Riptide to top me off. This would mean that I don’t get the instant consumption of riptide with CH, but the numbers show that there’s 2k overhealing anyway.

So an alternative chain would be to move Chain Heal to the end of the first macro bringing me to pretty healthy in under a second (or three seconds if Nature’s swiftness has already been used) and then using Riptide to top me off .

Some notes

I’ve once, and once only seen an occassion when the first mana consuming spell failed because I didn’t have enough mana, though I can’t understand how that can be, perhaps wait a tick until you see the blue bar. The chain of Purge’s at the end is so that if you “overmash” (interesting word) the key you don’t re-start the macro back from the beginning casting Riptide again and wasting valuable mana.

What Next?

Well, I’m going to try this sequence with Chain heal put at the end of the first macro and see what that looks like. I’m going to see if I can get these two macros into one.

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