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Monday, 17 November, 2008

must *gasp* run *gasp* more… dungeons.

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Yup, abortion feeling better already! Resolution time!

Must run more dungeons – perhaps that should be the title of this blog, phthisiatrician it’s certainly not the first time I’ve said it.

I said to myself when I bought the expansion that I’d take it easy and go the scenic route. Doing dungeons will definitely slow me down and get me out of the “just one more quest” mentality.

By the way, have you been paying attention to the NPC speech bubbles? I particularly like that poor goblin captain and his captured zeppelin. The quest texts sometimes have a bit of humour in them too.


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A couple of things are mildly irritating me at the moment, find not badly, find more in a scratchy wool jumper kind of way. Please forgive me for a whinge post, it’s just how I’m feeling at the moment.

  • Ninjas, there’s a fair bit of ninjaing going on in WoW at the moment, tagging mobs, “stealing” quest items that are lying on the floor, that sort of thing.
  • People who throw their fag ends on the floor.
  • Whinging gits (it really annoys me that this is a part of *my* personality!)
  • The fact that people who don’t have the expansion are feeling left out. At least one of my favourite guildies wasn’t on this weekend, and I’m pretty damn sure it’s at least partly because he’s feeling excluded. What can you do?
  • Accidental exclusion in general. [deleted, re-reading posts FTW!] (please see Whinging Gits item above for some additional context)
  • Idiots who get so focused they lose sight of everything else (me again!).
  • People who write whinging posts.
  • People who don’t like themselves.

I promise I’ll be better soon. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know I’ve been like this before ( roughly 6 months ago), and that I’ll get over it within a day or so.


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Flowersz has been questing in Howling Fjord and is not only 3% off level 71. I spent far far too many hours playing WoW this weekend. Far far far too many hours.

Almost all of that time has been spent solo questing except for a couple of groups doing the daily pirate bombing exercise. Blizzard have arranged the bombing run fairly well, discount since you all get on the same boat there’s time to group up with random strangers, and what’s more players are already realizing that “competing” against each other just means it takes longer/more runs.

Speaking of dailies, Flowersz is still doing the Fishing daily for the +100 fishing hooks and the skill ups. She can catch fish about 30-40% of the time in Northrend.

Flowersz is still hearthed in Shatt, if she sets her hearthstone in Northrend it’s going to take forever to get back to the Fishing daily, as it is it’s a bit of an effort to get to Howling Fjord from Shattrath. Borean Tundra seems a bit better, you can skip the flying step by sailing from Stormwind Harbor. This probably explains why there’s a 2:1 ratio of munquis in the tundra compared to the fjord.

I’m not leveling Jewelcrafting at the moment, mining, prospecting and selling the gems is simple enough and making some real money.

Being post kara geared means that Flowersz is not having any problems completing the quests and is vendoring all the gear, not that the gear is bad, in a couple of cases the rewards have been fractionally better than what she’s wearing, but the enchants she already has on the gear just tips the scales.

Flowersz finished Sunday with a dungeon run, in “The Nexus”, with a group made up of mostly Kara geared guildies. This was a so so run, we cleared up to the last boss with a few wipes. Flowersz was pulling aggro quite a bit, I think for the most part this is because she’s still in her raiding spec and has no aggro reducing talents, couple that with the tank not being full Prot specced and it’s understandable.

The last boss was not good. The tank explained that you got a debuff that slowed casting time and all you had to do was move to clear it. The alam bells started ringing at this point and, to be fair, I did point out that this wasn’t going to suit my healing style. We tried a few times, I can’t remember how many times, but it was at least three times. I’m ashamed to say I played more and more poorly on each attempt, with the last attempt being my worst.

Mistake #1: As soon as I got the first debuff I ran forwards to clear it and started healing, stupidly I ran to the middle/edge of the room, right into the path that the tank was using to kite the dragon. This mean I was also right in the “firing zone” for the debuffs and “iceblocks”

Mistake #2: I was using jump to try to clear the debuff, but (I think) this takes much longer than a simple “fidget” move which slowed down my healing output. The debuffs were coming so quickly that they were appearing virtually the instant you land. So I jumped again, and again, AND AGAIN!.

The lowest point was just before the last wipe:

I can quite clearly remember spotting that one of our hunters was seriously low on health while the tank was fairly healthy (something like 40% and 80%), there was some other damage on the rest of the DPS, so I started to cast a chain heal to top them all up a bit. The cast slowdown debuffs started stacking and I was practically in tears as I watched the cast take longer and longer and longer to complete. Meanwhile the tank was taking more damage so I started trying to queue up an instant Riptide on him. Anyway, before the Chain heal completed I got hit with the ice trap thingy (#’coz I was in the wrong place), this interrupted the Chain Heal and meant I couldn’t heal the tank, or Hunter or anyone. Complete and utter FAIL.

After this the group kindly let me go, pulled in a different healer and completed the dungeon.

To cap it all off for the evening it took me probably 20 minutes to figure out how to get off the bloody island. There is NO land based way, I looked! You have to talk to one of the four mages, there is a “flying transport”, but being from a different zone I didn’t have any connecting flight paths.

What could I have done better:

  • Not jumped for starters, I suspect it takes longer than fidgeting.
  • Stayed near the back, a shuffle forwards, shuffle backwards pattern would have kept me where I needed to be, and possibly out of the dragons worst spells.
  • Cast a boosted Healing Stream Totem, it would have gone a fair some way to mitigating the damage from the debuff, even if it didn’t remove the slow.
  • Used Riptide *every* single time it was available.
  • Completely ignored Chain Heal and Healing Wave – Lesser Healing wave looks like the only other spell for this encounter.
  • Dropped a Wrath of Air Totem, although the rest of the group was melee, the few percent haste would still have been welcome.
  • Figure out why Healbot wasn’t showing the Ice Trap, allegedly it can be cleansed.
  • Figure out what happened to my cooldown bars, they’ve gone missing, not a huge issue, but annoying nonetheless.
  • Not played so many hours. What’s the point?

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