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Thursday, 20 November, 2008

Why am I resto specced?

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So why am I resto spec?

Fuck knows – excuse my French.

The reasons:

  • I’m barely doing any instances – only once in a weeks worth of heavy playtime – so I’m not resto for that reason.
  • To get practice at raid healing – I doubt that raid healing will be that different – so I’m not resto for that.
  • Because I’ve got a slight aversion to “pew pew” – that doesn’t really stack up with what I’m doing when questing.
  • Habit –  Now that is a real possibility.
  • Because I don’t care that I’m “slow” – maybe, asthma though I cannot deny feeling a little jealous of the speedy levelers.
  • Because I don’t want to learn a new play style – habit again, going elemental would only be a small change to playstyle.

So, either Flowersz does more instances or she goes Elemental! Going Elemental isn’t the issue it used to be since the Spell Power change.

Sure I won’t be able to heal instances, but then I’m not healing any at the moment anyway. I am seeing calls for healers on Guild Chat, but they mostly seem to come late in the evening, not long before I’m going to log-off or early in the evening before I’m going to eat. That and an aversion to 5 man healing where the rest of the group really can tell I’m not very skilled.

Respec incoming! (perhaps).

Epic Flying Mount – NOT

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Progress in WOTLK is comparatively slow. I’m playing a fair bit, stuff but not actually leveling that fast. No surprises there. But I have finally topped 5000g across all my toons.  So now I’m not buying an epic flying mount, link because I can’t use it for another few levels (read weeks).

I made the last 1000 gold by selling gems Flowersz has prospected from Cobalt Ore rather than using them to level jewelcrafting. I’ve given up on JC as a straight money maker, stuff I’m not hard-core enough to get reputation for any unusual profitable recipes, I’m going to simply use the prospecting part as a “Farming” exercise, just like my  (dis)enchanting bank alt. Gems are going for about 50-60g each if I’m lucky, though last weekend they were topping 100g each. You never know, perhaps this weekend they’ll peak again, I hope so. I think I’ll check the prices of raw Cobalt Ore tonight and see if there’s an easy decent profit to be made there.

It’s a bit of a letdown to finally have enough money and not be able to really use it.

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