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Monday, 24 November, 2008


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Hardly did any playing this weekend what with visiting the sis-in-law and all. Nevertheless I re-specced elemental on Friday. I had to do it twice after screwing up some points. I smiled, visit this is so like me. After sorting my talent points out I immediately tried bopping a few level 68’s (green), unhealthy peasy easy. Then Flowersz went to the inn and didn’t come out again until Sunday night for a little questing.

Deary deary me! I died twice in one hour, once fighting only three level 70s and the second time only two! Twice in an hour! It’s unheard of! It’s unreasonable! And it’s a sign of how crappy my playing is! I can clearly remember the last two times I died as resto, once while bashing on a couple of Iron Dwarves when three more appeared over the horizon, and once when I accidentally got caught up in someone else’s quest event where 20 Iron Dwarves appear, yup 20! I had time to count them while I was waiting for them to despawn.

I’ll give it a few more days, but I’m already beginning to miss being indestructable. I’m badly missing Earth Shield, Nature’s Swiftness and super massive self healing. I’m sure Elemental has something to make up for the loss of these talents, but it’s clearly going to take time for me to find the correct playstyle.

As it stands at the moment I’m really quite tempted to go back to resto spec for leveling! (That last sentence has got to be pretty rare on the interweb). Jagerbombz latest post is tempting me back to Resto leveling (and my comfort zone).  I know resto is (supposed to be) slower, but actually I think that suits me just fine.

We’ll see.

I promise, if I do go back I’ll stop whinging about how bad it is leveling as resto, unless I’m comparing against leveling as Enhancement (which from memory was ROFLCOPTERS fun).


  • Respec resto (Yup I’ve decided already!)
  • Finish off questing in Howling Fjord (I’ve maybe 2-4 hours left there) and see another zone.
  • Start leveling Jewelcrafting, cooking and fishing. Mining is coming along fine.
  • Pay someone to portal me to Dalaran
  • Mooch around generally
  • and whinge (mustn’t slack on the whinging).
  • Maybe do an instance
  • Hit level 72 by the end of the week (only 6 hours more to go).

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