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Wednesday, 26 November, 2008


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OK, ed not an exciting post, but….

As I’d previously decided Flowersz went back to Restoration, she hasn’t done any more questing, though I don’t expect any problems, it will be business as usual on that front.

She didn’t do any questing because she manage to wangle a guild invite to the Nexus. I have to say I was quite worried after my dismal showing there last time, though with some tips from the group leader it was a success!

The group was made up of me, a dps Druid (hi Tins), a Warrior, and two Death Knights. The fact that there were two Death Knights is a fairly big clue to how experienced the group were. One of the DK’s was acting as tank. I must say well played DK’s can’t half keep aggro! Not once did Flowersz pull any aggro throughout the entire instance. The whole run took 1h:18m. The last fight took: 1m:45s

We tore through the first bosses without any problems, until we arrived at Keristrasa. I can’t say I felt confident here at all, though I did try to put into action my previous lessons. We wiped twice, once through my deat, and once through the tank’s death. Both pretty clearly the Healers fault. We downed the dragon on the third attempt though.

Keristrasa is, for me at least, a difficult fight. A few thoughts on the fight, mainly pulled from the successful attempts:

  • Jiggle, don’t jump. I didn’t try jumping because of previous experience on how long this takes, so I just jiggled left and right.
  • Jiggle after every cast,  and I mean every cast, the debuffs hurt. I’ve heard say you can move every other cast, maybe so, but try to fit the jiggle in during the Global Cooldown after an instant for efficiency. Up to you.
  • Healer heal thyself. After the first or second wipe it dawned on me that I was probably the weakest link because I’ve not got much stamina, so the debuffs were affecting me more seriously than anyone else. I’ve gotten used to raids where there’s at least one healer ready to heal another one (one healer is obviously focussing on the tank and doesn’t have time to spare). Giving myself high priority kept me up long enough to heal the others. I actually healed myself more in the last fight than I healed the tank!
  • This is a DPS fight. I don’t know how other healers do in this fight, but the group health as a whole was gradually getting lower as the fight progressed, I couldn’t outheal the incoming damage, though I could mitigate it. I’m used to “topping off”, in this fight I was fighting the other end. You’d better hope your group downs the dragon before it all gets too much. I can’t comment on mana, I didn’t run out. Having to move and avoid the big heals meant Flowersz wasn’t putting out as much HPS as usual.
  • Grounding Totem. Use it. Keep on using it. It was the group leader that stressed this, and he was totally right. It grounds the Chains which stops damage and more importantly stop you from getting silenced for an unbearable length of time. I’ve lost my verbal announcements with the 3.0 patch so I had to drag my GotWood indicators right next to healbot to keep them in eyesight. I’d be surprised if a Shammy can heal this fight without Grounding Totem.
  • Riptide, I don’t think I could have managed without it. Its instant, it heals, and you can “jiggle” in the Global Cooldown so no time wasted!
  • Heroism: use it at around 30%, probably much earlier.
  • Reincarnate: Forget it, if you need it then it’s a wipe! I tried, popped up, and got killed within 3 seconds!

There are still things I could have done better in the last attempt:

  • I got lured into using Chain Heal once, (the other time was with Nature’s Swiftness).
  • I should have used a Frost Resistance Totem, I wasn’t using any Fire totems at the time!
  • I’m not sure about how my mana was going, but a “boosted” Healing stream might have been a good idea since I wasn’t keeping up with the incoming damage.
  • I should have used Tidal Force on the tank at some point. (Should combine this into a Nature’s Swiftness, blow all trinkets macro).
  • Perhaps I could have pulled out the Fire Elemental as well.

Ah well, some lessons learnt, none too serious fortunately.

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