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Thursday, 27 November, 2008

Wrong agani

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Typo intentional(ish), psychotherapist well I’m keeping it anyway!

Apparently, from reading previous blog posts, Flowersz was born on the 26th November so I missed her birthday 🙁

Ding and some other stuff

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Flowersz has just Dinged level 72.

This is for all you players out there that are feeling left out by the rapid levelers – you’re not alone. There are some of us who like to wander around and enjoy the leveling experience. You only get to level for the first time once, seek enjoy it, recipe revel in it, smother it in marmite and then lick it clean – whatever rocks your boat! The end game will still be in the same place in another months time.

On the other stuff front:

We (and I mean we) missed our anniversary completely (it was on the 18th)! We’ll do something this weekend to make up for it I’m sure.

Flowersz birthday is tomorrow, she’s first mentioned in this blog on the 28th November 2007, so that’s going to be her official birthday, even though she was probably created a few days before.

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