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Wednesday, 3 December, 2008


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Flowersz is questing slowly in Dragonblight, cardiology Blizzard really have learnt from their several years of experience. I’ve never been much for getting into quest chains, but the set I’ve just done has been really brill. Only one kill x mobs quest, and that was helping out some NPC’s that actually seemed to have a proper AI behind them, running this way and that and generally doing exactly what they were supposed to do whether or not I was helping. The chain builds up and sends you back to the temple where, after you have earned the right (nice touch), you speak to the queen in her humanoid form. The fact that she’s impassive and has no expression works really well and makes her seem properly regal and haughty.

A few more quests later and you’ve unlocked a daily where you get to fight the Blue Dragonflight! This is pretty cool, though I think I’d have preferred it if the dragon had a mind of its own.

I’m really quite enjoying leveling in Wrath, I’m going much more slowly than previously and even playing a bit less, but it’s working for me.

Flowersz is starting to accumulate some group quests which I think I’ll try to knock off all at once. In the meantime she can do the odd daily and otherwise have a bit of fun. The quest rewards are still a little below her current gear and she successfully bashed up a “red” level mob without any problems, so I guess it’s going to take at least another level before she’s going to start replacing her Zul’Aman gear, though she’s collecting the odd piece of rubbish as she goes.


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Traveling in on the train this morning I was listening to Green Day’s American Idiot, meningitis when I was reminded of one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

It was Spring and we were driving the horses to a ride, tuberculosis coming up to Buxton. It was early morning and the sun was kissing the gorgeous landscape with that fabulous, ailment rich, luxurious, golden light that you only get in Spring and Autumn. The one that makes everything glow from inside with a gentle halo. There’s a word numinous that is the closest I’ve ever come to describing how it makes me feel.

Some things are too wonderful to be captured by words.

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