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Friday, 5 December, 2008

Dailys are distracting

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As you might have seen from a comment on my previous post, this web I missed out on knocking off a bunch of Group quests with guildies, I was doing dailies at the time! It’s a little bit of a bummer, but Real Life has priority and I do like to be with my girlfriend. Actually I don’t feel at all pissed off, a sign I must be getting my priorities right.

Every day when I log on now, before I do any leveling quests, I immediately do the two shattrath dailys, one for cooking and one for JewelCrafting. The cooking one is a little redundant since I’m not yet of high enough skill in cooking to use the rewards, but at least the cooking quests are quick and give a little money and I think some XP.

The JC dailys are a little more long winded since you have to go somewhere and kill between 1 and 5 mobs to get the drop. But they do give a JC voucher which you need to buy some of the higher level designs.

Flowersz has bought a couple of designs, one a JC only design and just last night the Blue +Agility [Design: Delicate Scarlet Ruby]design. She bought a couple of the uncut gems [Scarlet Ruby] (88g), cut them and popped them on the AH for about 60g more than she paid (undercutting by an enormous 50g) . And they sold overnight. OK she could have put them up just under the 200g that others were listing for, but their auctions were down to 12h left (a sure sign of overpricing). I’d rather sell for a reasonable profit than have to re-list. She has bought a few more gems this morning and put a couple up for a 50g profit again, fingers crossed they’ll have sold by tonight. Profit from JewelCrafting! Cor Blimey!

Obviously this weekend the market may well change, it usually dips over the weekend, on the other hand to get this recipe you have to have got into Dalaran and done at least 4 JC dailys so maybe it wont. We’ll see. Whatever happens I’ll keep an eye open for cheap uncut blue-quality gems. Flowersz will be buying her next recipe tonight, probably the +Strength one [Design: Bold Scarlet Ruby], though perhaps I should co├Ârdinate with the other JC’s in the guild to provide a better spread.

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