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Sunday, 7 December, 2008

Interesting weekend

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This weekend was quite interesting, buy cialis it started with a complaint from another Jewelcrafter that I was undercutting by 50g when I should have been undercutting by a few silver. I tried to respond, urologist but the letter got too long. I ended up sending a much shorter letter whose contents I can’t really remember. What I wanted to say was that charging 3 times the raw material costs seems too much to me. Now I have sold a Delicate Scarlet Ruby for a teensy bit under 200g, symptoms but I was more gems when they were on for 160g. Anyway, Flowersz has bought a few raw Scarlet Rubys, learnt a new design  Powerful Monarch Topaz and started selling those (again for around 160g). She’s actually slightly down on money at the moment, but she has quite a bit of stock and has skilled her JCing up to 420.

Then there was this:

Which was interesting. I knew my horsie (Parkin) could fly in Outland, obviously he’s getting a bit of practice in before he learns proper flying in Northrend.

Lots more questing and Flowersz is now level 73 and a third. Leveled her fishing up to 337 and cooking to 406 on manta rays.

Back to the jewelcrafting, since this has provided quite a bit of entertainment, the last thing I’ve seen is some-one trying to control the market in Potent Monarch Topaz! They bought my sale for 170g and have several of their own listed at 200g. Makes me smile because the uncut gems cost around 70g. If I sell to the public or to the “controller” I still make a profit of 80-100g. What’s more if I feel like it I could immediately buy some more uncut gems and repeat for instant profit! I’m too nice to do that though.

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