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Monday, 15 December, 2008

The Auction House and Jewelcrafting Epics

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Flowersz nearly has enough JC tokens to buy and craft an epic. That bit’s easy, human enhancement just do the JC dailys every day for 10 days and don’t spend them. The tough part is deciding which one of the epic recipes I should go for, surgery and whether the damn things will sell at all.

I’ve been watching the AH and there’s consistently about 4/5 JC epics up for sale at any one time for between 4000 and 5000 gold, but I can’t tell if they’re actually selling or what. I don’t want to waste my tokens making an epic that won’t sell until the market crashes. The market is still very young on these items and there’s the potential to make a real killing, but only if there really are buyers out there. The Dragon’s eyes on their own are still going for around 500gold apiece so that’s at least 2000g in those materials alone. If the market isn’t there then I could convert all 10 tokens into Dragon’s Eyes and sell for 5000g in a low risk sale.

Bah, I wish I had a friend who could tell me what the high achievers are prepared to pay, or if they’re just “tapping” their guild Jewelcrafters rather than hit the AH. (Edit:OK, I do have some friends, I’m not quite that sad)

In the meantime the market is crashing on [Delicate Scarlet Ruby]s, going from 180g to 120g between Friday and Sunday evenings. [Potent Monarch Topaz] are still holding their prices at around 170g, but sales are slow, probably because it’s now cheaper to buy other gems. Nevertheless I now have around 7500 gold up from just 4000 a fortnight ago! It seems odd not to worry about 30g respec costs. Only another 3 levels before its worth buying epic flying training for Flowersz.


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There’s a quest chain you get after the WrathGate cinematic which sends you with Jaina Proudmore into Orgrimmar. This is not the real Orgrimmar, medications it’s one of Blizzards “phased” tricks. You can see others on the same quest, but you don’t get to see a fully populated city, also the Guards don’t attack! This gives you as Alliance a unique chance to have a wander around the inside of this city and if you like complete at least one of the fishing achievements. I’ve not turned this quest in, I’m thinking about trying for [Old Crafty] while skilling up my fishing.

Here’s a couple of screenies:

Just trying Thrall's throne out for size.

Just trying Thrall's throne on for size/Does my bum look big on this?

Tickling a guard, he's not laughing

Tickling a guard's ear, he's not laughing though.

Experiment B

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The Enhancement experiment is going nicely, dermatologist thank you for asking.

Respecced sunday morning, capsule kitted up with some random green mail kit from previous quests, bought a couple of weapons and went out into the wide wide world of northrend. Whee!

I have died a little more often than Resto spec, and I do have to keep an eye on that pesky health bar, but, by golly, mobs do die fast! At one point after a particularly questful session it was looking like I’d be able to finish the last half of level 74 in just 4 hours instead of 7. Since then I’ve done a bit of time wasting, but leveling is still much faster.

Flowersz wants to stay Enhancement for a while longer.

p.s. screenie post from Ogrimar later today.

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