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Tuesday, 16 December, 2008

Escape from Silverbrook

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Flowersz had a frustrating and rewarding night questing in Grizzly Hills, diagnosis specifically with the Escape from Silverbrook quest. I’m gonna put a spoiler in later, online sorry.

Flowersz picked up what looked like it was going to be an escort quest to help a prisoner escape from Silverbrook all the way to Amberpine Lodge, like most of the escort quests I’ve seen in WotLK it is slightly different. You get to ride two-up on a horse while throwing fire bombs and stunning the Worgen that attack you. I admit I had to do this quest five or more times before I finally got it, despite reading the notes on Wowhead. Here’s how Flowersz finally did it – a combination of how its supposed to be done and how Wowhead says you can cheat it.

  • Mount up on Dugan’s horse and immediately dismount (the = key)
  • Get on your own mount (lazy old Parkin in my case) and follow Dugan’s pony until he stops at the first river.
  • Dismount from your horse and get back on Dugan’s nameless mount. Once again he will start.
  • Immediately flip your view 180 so you’re looking backwards – this is incredibly important for aiming and I doubt you’ll make it all the way to Amberpine if you don’t do this.
  • Some Worgen will spawn and attack, when they get close to you: stun them and immediately drop a fire bomb on them – they’ll be dropping behind so fast you won’t be able to target them accurately if you’re not looking backwards. The fire will probably kill them.
  • gallop if it’s off cooldown.

That should get you all the way there.

What I found on the previous runs was that a lot of worgen spawn in the first phase, the dismount and follow trick stops them from spawning so the first half goes easily. Fewer seem to spawn in the second phase.

You need to get back on the mount for the second part because

a) you need to be on Dugan’s horse at the end

b) he crosses a river which may dismount you near a bear (unless you’ve got water walking), and (for me) that put me far enough behind that I failed the quest.

You should dismount before re-mounting or this happens:

Parkin is getting lazy.

if you’re unlucky a worgen will then knock you off your horse/mechastrider/whatever, put you in combat and you’ll fail the quest because you’re not on Dugan’s horse at the end. On one of the failed attempts I actually saw the escapee stop at Amberpine, you HAVE to be mounted!

Spoiler time:

I loved that way this quest changed my perception of the pre-quests, up until this point it had been the usual go there, do that. The quest before this one introduces the idea that all is not quite right and after releasing the prisoner he gets quite agitated and asks if you’ve been bitten. Bitten? What! Why? At this point you realize you’re dealing with were-somethings, Worgen as it happens. What’s more you suddenly understand why you had to destroy those 8 WolfsBane, you’ve been a cat’s-paw!

A pre-quest that actually tied into the plot and isn’t the normal useless shit. FAB! Blizzard have actually released an expansion that doesn’t just add more of the same old same old! Even though this quest took me forever (we’re probably talking an hour including research) I was really happy that I finished it.

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