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Monday, 15 December, 2008


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There’s a quest chain you get after the WrathGate cinematic which sends you with Jaina Proudmore into Orgrimmar. This is not the real Orgrimmar, medications it’s one of Blizzards “phased” tricks. You can see others on the same quest, but you don’t get to see a fully populated city, also the Guards don’t attack! This gives you as Alliance a unique chance to have a wander around the inside of this city and if you like complete at least one of the fishing achievements. I’ve not turned this quest in, I’m thinking about trying for [Old Crafty] while skilling up my fishing.

Here’s a couple of screenies:

Just trying Thrall's throne out for size.

Just trying Thrall's throne on for size/Does my bum look big on this?

Tickling a guard, he's not laughing

Tickling a guard's ear, he's not laughing though.

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