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Friday, 12 December, 2008

Little progress

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Flowersz dinged 74, help so technically she can now go to Dalaran (I think) though she’s already there.

She’s almost at ready to start the Wrathgrate quest, I’m looking forwards to it, everyone says how brilliant it is.

Once she’s done that she’s going Enhancement, yup enhancement, I only lasted a couple of hours as Elemental, we’ll see how she does as a melee! Should be fun, I’ve not been that spec for several months!

On the JC front the gem market is just beginning to dip as more players learn more designs, I knew this was coming so I’m not surprised or upset. She’ll have 6 tokens by the end of today, another 4 and shell be able to buy a design and have the 4 Dragon’s eyes to craft an epic. 4 more days and I’ll have to decide which one. The only two epics I’m seeing on the AH are up for around 5000g! Though I don’t know if they’re actually selling.

Thursday, 11 December, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

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A: What’s wrong with middleage?

B: can’t get off with teenagers anymore.

I guess he has a point.

Stone the Crows

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Blimey: this!.

Though I’m quite happy with Flowersz, about it after all I actually took a little time on the customization screen, approved I haven’t even changed her hairstyle (though “sassy” is tempting). It does raise some options that simply hadn’t been possible before:

  • I could change her to a male Squidface – this would at least lower the “are you a fem/mel” (David Brin for female/male) confusion.
  • I could change her name to Rummy (probably with a gender change too)

I don’t think Flower or Flowers is available on my server so that’s not an option unfortunately.

I’ll probably stick with the status quo, though it’s pretty incredible that Blizz are allowing us to make such drastic changes!

Monday, 8 December, 2008

In a rich mans world

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Flowersz made over 1500 gold this weekend. Yup, patient that’s not a typo, and that’s in-the-bank money, she’s got about 400 gold in uncut blue quality gems in her bags and bazillions of unsold green quality gems. So Flowersz is now rich enough to buy training for epic flying, and Northrend flying – I think Parkin, her Headless Horseman’s mount is already capable of epic flying.

I’ve never made money like this before, its exhilarating! A HUGE amount of that money was made by selling a single Dragon’s Eye gem for 650gold. That’s one easy Jewelcrafting Daily for over 500 gold!

I’ve got some planning to do now though, I can go several ways….
a) I can simply keep on doing the JC dailys and sell Dragon’s Eyes for 500g or so until the market drops. Meanwhile still selling the two cuts I know and making a steady profit (again until the market drops)

b) I can save up 3 more tokens, buy another new design and branch out a bit more, I’ll then have 3 cuts under my belt. The issue here is identifying a market with a decent sell rate and a low number of producers. There are already cuts that are selling for less than the raw materials

c) I can buy a Diamond meta-gem design for 5 tokens (now Flowersz has hit the skill requirements) and try that market. I’ve no idea how big the price differential is between the materials and the cuts.

d) I can take a big gamble and save up 10 tokens (6 for the design and 4 for the Dragon’s Eyes) so I can craft an epic, hopefully shouldering in on in an underpopulated market with high material costs and correspondingly high profits. Flowersz will need to level her JC skills a further 20 or so points before I get access to these design. I don’t know if the market exists on my server for this yet. A quick estimate is that an epic should cost over 2600 gold! That’s a hell of a lot of money.

Actually all this is a moot and more than a little premature since Flowersz won’t have enough tokens for any option except the selling Dragon’s Eyes for another couple of days.

I’ll let you know what she decides (not me, I’ve got nothing to do with it!) when it happens.

Sunday, 7 December, 2008

Interesting weekend

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This weekend was quite interesting, buy cialis it started with a complaint from another Jewelcrafter that I was undercutting by 50g when I should have been undercutting by a few silver. I tried to respond, urologist but the letter got too long. I ended up sending a much shorter letter whose contents I can’t really remember. What I wanted to say was that charging 3 times the raw material costs seems too much to me. Now I have sold a Delicate Scarlet Ruby for a teensy bit under 200g, symptoms but I was more gems when they were on for 160g. Anyway, Flowersz has bought a few raw Scarlet Rubys, learnt a new design¬† Powerful Monarch Topaz and started selling those (again for around 160g). She’s actually slightly down on money at the moment, but she has quite a bit of stock and has skilled her JCing up to 420.

Then there was this:

Which was interesting. I knew my horsie (Parkin) could fly in Outland, obviously he’s getting a bit of practice in before he learns proper flying in Northrend.

Lots more questing and Flowersz is now level 73 and a third. Leveled her fishing up to 337 and cooking to 406 on manta rays.

Back to the jewelcrafting, since this has provided quite a bit of entertainment, the last thing I’ve seen is some-one trying to control the market in Potent Monarch Topaz! They bought my sale for 170g and have several of their own listed at 200g. Makes me smile because the uncut gems cost around 70g. If I sell to the public or to the “controller” I still make a profit of 80-100g. What’s more if I feel like it I could immediately buy some more uncut gems and repeat for instant profit! I’m too nice to do that though.

Friday, 5 December, 2008

Dailys are distracting

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As you might have seen from a comment on my previous post, this web I missed out on knocking off a bunch of Group quests with guildies, I was doing dailies at the time! It’s a little bit of a bummer, but Real Life has priority and I do like to be with my girlfriend. Actually I don’t feel at all pissed off, a sign I must be getting my priorities right.

Every day when I log on now, before I do any leveling quests, I immediately do the two shattrath dailys, one for cooking and one for JewelCrafting. The cooking one is a little redundant since I’m not yet of high enough skill in cooking to use the rewards, but at least the cooking quests are quick and give a little money and I think some XP.

The JC dailys are a little more long winded since you have to go somewhere and kill between 1 and 5 mobs to get the drop. But they do give a JC voucher which you need to buy some of the higher level designs.

Flowersz has bought a couple of designs, one a JC only design and just last night the Blue +Agility [Design: Delicate Scarlet Ruby]design. She bought a couple of the uncut gems [Scarlet Ruby] (88g), cut them and popped them on the AH for about 60g more than she paid (undercutting by an enormous 50g) . And they sold overnight. OK she could have put them up just under the 200g that others were listing for, but their auctions were down to 12h left (a sure sign of overpricing). I’d rather sell for a reasonable profit than have to re-list. She has bought a few more gems this morning and put a couple up for a 50g profit again, fingers crossed they’ll have sold by tonight. Profit from JewelCrafting! Cor Blimey!

Obviously this weekend the market may well change, it usually dips over the weekend, on the other hand to get this recipe you have to have got into Dalaran and done at least 4 JC dailys so maybe it wont. We’ll see. Whatever happens I’ll keep an eye open for cheap uncut blue-quality gems. Flowersz will be buying her next recipe tonight, probably the +Strength one [Design: Bold Scarlet Ruby], though perhaps I should co√∂rdinate with the other JC’s in the guild to provide a better spread.

Wednesday, 3 December, 2008


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Flowersz is questing slowly in Dragonblight, cardiology Blizzard really have learnt from their several years of experience. I’ve never been much for getting into quest chains, but the set I’ve just done has been really brill. Only one kill x mobs quest, and that was helping out some NPC’s that actually seemed to have a proper AI behind them, running this way and that and generally doing exactly what they were supposed to do whether or not I was helping. The chain builds up and sends you back to the temple where, after you have earned the right (nice touch), you speak to the queen in her humanoid form. The fact that she’s impassive and has no expression works really well and makes her seem properly regal and haughty.

A few more quests later and you’ve unlocked a daily where you get to fight the Blue Dragonflight! This is pretty cool, though I think I’d have preferred it if the dragon had a mind of its own.

I’m really quite enjoying leveling in Wrath, I’m going much more slowly than previously and even playing a bit less, but it’s working for me.

Flowersz is starting to accumulate some group quests which I think I’ll try to knock off all at once. In the meantime she can do the odd daily and otherwise have a bit of fun. The quest rewards are still a little below her current gear and she successfully bashed up a “red” level mob without any problems, so I guess it’s going to take at least another level before she’s going to start replacing her Zul’Aman gear, though she’s collecting the odd piece of rubbish as she goes.


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Traveling in on the train this morning I was listening to Green Day’s American Idiot, meningitis when I was reminded of one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.

It was Spring and we were driving the horses to a ride, tuberculosis coming up to Buxton. It was early morning and the sun was kissing the gorgeous landscape with that fabulous, ailment rich, luxurious, golden light that you only get in Spring and Autumn. The one that makes everything glow from inside with a gentle halo. There’s a word numinous that is the closest I’ve ever come to describing how it makes me feel.

Some things are too wonderful to be captured by words.

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