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Saturday, 3 January, 2009

Flowersz is making a break for freedom

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You might have noticed in my last post I’m not confusing “I” and “Flowersz” in my sentences quite as much as usual, cheap I’m going to see if I can keep this up. This change has been inspired by a “toon-to-toon” conversation I/Flowersz had with a “buyer” the other day, they passsingly said “You look very pretty”. Given that Flowersz was wearing her [Red Winter Clothes] (more appropriately called her santa slut outfit), I guess the other player was sort of accurate.

My response was to mention I was a bloke and accept that Flowersz was indeed easy on the eyes. Suddenly Flowersz is seeming to be separate from me.

Gearin on up!

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So the great gearing faf has begun, physiotherapist Flowersz has gone shopping and immediately bought three “blue” replacements (minor upgrades) for her karazahn epics, and only 100 gold all in. Looking good. And then Flowersz blew it completely bought [Zom's Crackling Bulwark] for a mere 2200 gold!!!!11!!11ONE!!! Time to limit her budget I think.

Still she then went on and sold two [Titanium Impact Choker]s and an [Titanium Impact Band] in one day so I guess she’s not as naughty as all that.

I’ve actually started paying a little attention and persuaded Flowersz to replace her [Figurine – Seaspray Albatross] for [Figurine – Sapphire Owl ], which was so cheap to make it was silly. Not that money is an issue, Flowersz has still got more than 10,000 gold in the bank, a lot of that came from selling epics no-one else could be bothered to make on the Auction House.

I even made Flowersz do the 3 Venture Camp quests to get the coins to buy an [Totem of the Bay], which is allegedly actually a pretty good early raiding totem, trivially easy to get too!

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