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Sunday, 4 January, 2009

heroic 80!

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The good folk of my guild invited Flowersz to a heroic, decease Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom, click the other day. It was very nice of them to do so, I had intended for Flowersz to PuG her way through all the normal Northrend dungeons before starting on the Heroics. That way we would get a decent amount of experience before subjecting our guildies to our playing. Anyway I was persuaded and Flowersz had to start running around grabbing appropriate pots and the like, she didn’t even own a reputation gathering tabard! So step one is for one of the group to show me how to get out of the “pit” where the summoning stone is located and fly to Wyrmcrest to buy one of their tabards, except Flowersz is a daily from friendly so she can’t actually buy one!

The run itself was, for me, quite confusing, I’d never seen the bosse before so every “trick” came as a surprise and hadn’t really much idea what was going on. Particularly I had no idea where Flowersz should stand nor when she should move. The guildies were all kind to me despite having to put up many more wipes than I had any right to ask of them. Thanks to them all.

After the run I have discovered that Flowersz still had 5 more talent points unspent!

I shall now start working my way through wowwiki reading up on the strategies so that I am a little more prepared.

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