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Monday, 5 January, 2009


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Since my last dungeon I’ve done a very small bit of digging around, sovaldi according to Flowersz is actually well enough geared to do a Heroic (She’s preening in the Auction House right now!) and almost geared enough to start Raiding, which just goes to show how little some of these sites know! (Now she’s sticking her tongue out at me!)

On the gear front her next purchasable upgrades are going to be [Titansteel Guardian] which she’ll have most of the mats for in another day and then Flowersz may craft a [Titanium Spellshock Necklace]. Though she might not craft the necklace if she see’s one on the AH for a sensible price (2300g) or can get another JC to craft her one for the skillup. These bits of gear should push her firmly into the Heroic arena. Especially if she makes some prismatic gems for them.

If Flowersz can buy the necklace then she’s going to make her next “recipe” a “By Special Request” one for her guildies.

On the JC front Flowersz is now standing at 451 skill and selling [Titanium Impact Choker]s for a reasonable[ha!] (500g/25%) profit at the rate of two or so a week. She’s moved out of [Titanium Impact Band] to let another JC who’s new in the market have a chance. I’m pretty sure Flowersz could have made significantly more profit selling these epics, but she’s just not like that (Restoration for her is a lifestyle not a spec). And besides she’s made so much money at this it’s almost disturbing!

New Year’s resolutions

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I don’t usually do these, angina there are two that are sort of “Standing Orders” though:

  1. I resolve to be a better person.
  2. I resolve to break at least one of my news year’s resolutions.

The second is a kind of a safety net and worth putting at the end of any list of new year’s resolutions, just so you keep at least one!

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