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Thursday, 8 January, 2009


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RP on maxing out Jewelcrafting.

Flowersz delicately put the finishing touches to the ring she was crafting, information pills straightened up, phlebologist stretched her back and wiped her brow. All this close work was really quite a strain but the end product was worth it. The ring sat there in the vise, a new design, recently learned. It had a ruddy gleam to it. Was it her imagination, but did it, perhaps, glow a little redder than the light from the setting sun would warrant?

There was a quiet knock at the door, and Timothy Jones leaned his head in. “I’d like a quiet word, Flo”.

Flowersz beckoned him in, gave one last back-crackling stretch and indicated her recently completed ring. Timothy walked over to inspect Flowersz’ work and nodded, “Good work, better than good actually.”

“In fact that’s what I came to talk to you about. It’s time, Flower, time to let you go. You’ve learned pretty much everything I can teach you, and what I can’t teach you’ll most surely pick-up on your own.”

Flowersz looked confused. Timothy pulled a scroll out of an inside pocket.  “Come on, dear, you must have realized how much you’ve progressed these last few weeks.” He took a deep breath, cleared hist throat, and said “I have the privilege of announcing to the world of Azeroth that you are now a recognized ‘Grand master'”. He held the scroll out. Flowersz didn’t move.

In a more normal voice Timothy continued, “Normally we have a bit more ceremony than that, but times are what they are, and most of us are out on the front-line fighting the scourge. Which, I’m sorry to say, is where you must go now. The Munqui Tribe need you with them. You’re not following your true calling here, shut away in this dusty room getting back-ache. Go! Go and fight the scourge!”

Flowersz was astonished, more than astonished. The weeks had flown by. Learning new ways of cutting gems to bring out their strength and purity. Learning how to make necklaces and rings. Learning how to combine several different gems and persuade the melded structure to become a single complete whole greater than its parts. She had lost herself in her trade, that she had reached the pinnacle of her trade astounded her, but more shocking was the realization that she had been neglecting the battle and worse that she had forgotten her comrades in arms when they needed her.

She bowed formally to Timothy, accepted the proffered scroll and said, in high Draenei, “Thank you master, if  have learnt well it is because I have a good teacher.” Then, turning away, she slipped her newly made ring on one finger, walked to the dimmest corner of the room, picked up her mace, shield and backpack. She bowed once more to Timothy and, in common this time, said, “If you don’t mind, I think I’m needed elsewhere” and walked briskly out the door.

Timothy watched her go, silently wishing her well, remembering with regret the number of times this scene had been enacted before and hoping that he would see this pupil again.

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