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Wednesday, 14 January, 2009

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I’ve just seen Smyth’s post, treatment it seems the DK’s from my party went on to do 2 more heroics last night! Don’t they sleep?

Heroic Gun’drak run!

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Did a guild run of Heroic Gun’drak instead of soloing Gnomeregan for Gnome rep. OK, viagra here I was originally looking for a normal run, herbal but everyone was bust and another group still wasn’t complete after 10 minutes so what’s a healer to do? This makes Flowersz second Heroic, mycoplasmosis and only her fourth Northrend dungeon in total, so we were more than a little nervous. Since the last time she has bought/crafted quite a bit more gear and I’m pretty sure that made quite a bit of difference, at least by wipe count!

The group was very similar to Flowersz’ last heroic (which had more wipes than you can count on the fingers of two hands!) with only a DK exchanged for a Rogue, so still all melee. Our leader and tank was the superb Vaphyr (Rad), he knew all the strats and explained them carefully before the bosses, not to mention a brilliant tank! I’m sure he’s geared enough for full-on raiding. Only one wipe the entire run. I don’t know if this is typical of Northrend dungeons but the boss fights were extremely quick, I suspect it was the group though. Flowersz had no mana problems, because there simply wasn’t enough time to use it all up! And having a Pally that was prepared to pinch heal was a real team-saver, thanks Karudan, I did notice.

Anyway, thanks to Vaphyr, Lurni, Veddartha and Karudan for such a nice run.

Three achievements, a leather casting belt (quite a good one I believe), and two Enhancement mail items for offspec! And our rogue got (I think) an epic, which he seemed quite proud of in Guild Chat. And all finished in time for bed! Good days!

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