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Friday, 16 January, 2009

ready to raid?

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The munqui‘s not Flowersz, and don’t be stupid!

The other night one of the guildies asked for a link to one of these gear evaluation sites you hear about. It took at least 30 milliseconds before I could remember the URLs, health system because I hardly ever use them, well… not more than once a week, err… hardly ever more than a couple of times a week, well on a normal week at any rate. If you’ve never been to one then you’re not missing out on a whole lot, though they are kinda useful at hinting on the best enchants you can get.

There are two “ranking” sites, and , beImba was the first one I used and I believe at the time it was the only one, it was pretty good at rating Flowersz’ readiness for Karazahn. In reality she went in before she was properly geared up, but that’s allowable when the other 9 players are as good as her friends were.

Now I’m looking again there are two, both offer pretty similar information, though I think I’m coming down on the side of wow-heroes for three reasons. It caches data so when the armory is refusing requests (which is fairly often) you can still see something. It provides a list of possible enchantments, complete with a “ranking”, so if you can’t get that Northrend shoulder enchant you can still see that the old Aldor Exaulted one is 2/3 as good. I’ll leave the third reason for a bit. On the downside wow-heroes doesn’t appear to do a live “guild grab” to rank everyone in the guild, it seems to only work off the data it has in its cache, so you have to do individual searches on everyone first.

BeImba on the other hand, will do a whole guild audit using live data. This is pretty good, but does sometimes mean you can’t do anything if the armory is being narky.

Oh, and if you’re not after a gear ranking because you’re not like that  don’t have an e-peen to stroke, but you want to know where the good stuff is, then you can do much worse than look at .

The third reason I’m liking wow-heroes though, and it’s probably the most important is that it is much stricter on what it considers to be Naxx10 ready – beImba seem to have dropped the ball on this one, it ranks Flowersz as Naxx10 ready, while wow-heroes thinks she’s still got a bit of a way to go. I dunno which is really right, never having been anywhere near it (well, I think I might have seen it on my map while questing in my mid 70’s). I’m guessing wow-heroes is accurate for a full new-to-Naxx group, and beImba is accurate for a mixed group of vets and virgins (there’s a party theme for you!).

Anyway, back to the point – the guildie came back a little later after discovering that he was more than Naxx10 ready according to wow-heroes (beImba was not working), nothing more was said. But it got me thinking. One of my worst habits. I was wondering just how many Munquis were really well geared and whether we would see yet another set of migrations to raiding guids. We saw a bunch leave a while back before Flowersz started on Kara, and another bunch left in November when the expansion came out (some will probably come back when we start). So I posted a question on the guild forums and was told that it had been discussed, which I didn’t know.

Now some people don’t want to go in yet and I understand Smyth‘s position, yet still I wonder, he mentions that some of the “usual suspects” aren’t ready. He’s right on that point, but what about the unusual suspects? I do feel we might just be in danger of losing them. On the other hand wow-heroes thinks we’ll have a bit of trouble getting 10 properly warmed-up bodies, so maybe we just aren’t ready and I’m rocking the boat for no purpose. On the other other hand we could probably keep some players interested in sticking with us if we at least set some sort of date for starting.

There’s a good reason I’m not an officer in the guild :).

I guess not knowing that raiding was under active discussion was beginning to make me feel like it wasn’t really over the horizon yet. Of course if we do get a Team A, then they’ll start pulling away in gear terms and Flowersz will be in danger of being left behind, unless she gets her tail in gear!

Flowersz is looking to do some more Heroics this weekend.

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