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Monday, 19 January, 2009

Thrown in the dungeons

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What a busy weekend, migraine and to very little “material” gain. This weekend I finally decided to bite the bullet and do some heroic dungeons. So I ran four (or possibly five, I can’t remember). This has netted Flowersz several achievements, experience, and, unfortunately not a whole lot more. In all her runs she has so-far managed to get exactly one minor resto-gear upgrade, and that was a cloth belt. I say only one, in fact she has been getting plenty of off-spec Enhancement shaman gear including one epic, is Blizzard telling me something? She has also netted 3 new gem cuts, though tbh I don’t know if any of these are likely to be profitable.

I have though learned a bit, for example The Nexus is exactly as horrible as I remember it (9 deaths and probably 7.5 wipes). We finished Keristraza on the third attempt with two players standing and both of us at around 20% health, and don’t mention that damn Grand Magus Telestra. I think I can say, without much fear of contradiction, that the healer was to blame! The Nexus seems, to me, to be unfriendly to Shaman. It’s full of interrupts, AOE, requires movement and several situational totems that have never been on my taskbars, let alone hotkeyed. Frost Resistance totem, I’m looking at you!

I did discover that you can fire off an instant (Riptide) in the “bouncing around” phase of the fight during the very short period before you’re hurled into the air again. In truth I probably ought to do this dungeon more often to hone my mobility skills like how to contort my fingers so I can cast riptide while moving, and refine my spell rotations like casting Riptide or Chain Heal before a Healing Wave or Lesser Healing Wave.
I’m glad heroic UK (2 runs) is easy though because it has a surprisingly good blue chestpiece drop that Flowersz needs: [Dalronn's Jerkin] and I’ll be running this as often as I can until she gets it. She’s not obsessed, if I have to roll for it then I’m not going to throw a strop. Well not until I’ve been in there a couple of more times at least! This may be the first ever time I’ve done a dungeon looking for a specific drop.

The UK runs were both PuGs and so a little different from my normal experience. Very very quiet in party-chat and, I suppose, business like. I guess because most of the bosses are pretty much just “tank and spank”? there’s no real reason to pause for explanation, if you can’t handle these as a healer then go elsewhere. (Though I did wipe the raid once on the end boss;).

Raiding followup.

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I’m now quite happy that this is now “under discussion”. The potential raider that I spoke to on Thursday raised the question again on Sunday, approved which is basically the scenario that I was worried about. They were immediately reassured.

Raiding in a very casual guild is particularly difficult at this stage of the game when there are only a little over a dozen guildies that are well geared (and some of them may be alts). Any players in a raid with this few stand-bys would find themselves under quite a bit of pressure to put in two hard days a week, remember we’re absolutely a casual guild so pressure like that is a no-no.

It was easier when Flowersz was raiding Kara, though many players could only commit to one day a week there were nearly always enough stand-bys to fill a second day.

Case closed.

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