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Tuesday, 20 January, 2009


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In no way was my previous post an attempt to say that Flowersz isn’t good enough to raid. Just a warning that gear can be bought, site not earned.

If I’m invited I’m going! (Real Life permitting)

Welfare Epics again

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I’m going to talk about welfare epics, drugstore though not in the traditional sense, mind.

What I’m thinking about is Flowersz current level of gear. Allegedly (and probably in fact) she’s geared up well enough to start Naxx 10 man. But, and here’s the nub.

I don’t believe that she’s wearing any quest rewards after about level 76, she’s not exulted with any Northrend faction and probably not revered with any either, she’s never run a single level 80 dungeon and has only got one piece of kit from a heroic (only a minor upgrade to an AH item). And yet despite this she’s wearing 3 epics (2 jewelcrafting items and a blacksmithing item) and has the equivalent of 3 epic gems (again from JC).

Basically she’s bought her way up to raid status. Would you take someone with these qualifications on your raid?

No, neither would I. Just a passing thought, just remember inspecting gear isn’t enough!

There are of course mitigants for Flowersz, she has raided before and she has done 5 or 6 heroics, though you would have to compare achievements to see that. Even so I’m sure she’s well below a typical Munqui raider in experience.

Guild Achievements

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‘Cmon Blizz! Don’t be lazy! How hard would it be to create Guild Achievements for raids (or any other kind of instance for that matter). All you need to do is check to see if the party is all in one guild when the boss dies.2

Last night there was a very nearly official Munqui raid on the Spider Wing of Naxx! Woot! I believe it was a spur of the moment affair, buy but they still did the required level of squishing.

Flowersz was not in attendance, order Real Life? reasons. No matter, all things in their own time.

/Train is so much more hassle than /Motorbike.

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