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Friday, 23 January, 2009

Sometimes you just have to accept it.

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Guild run on Azjol-Nerub last night. Possibly the worst run I’ve ever been on. 4 good players, resuscitator 1 bad player. I really can’t put guildies through this anymore.

By an amazing coincidence it is exactly 6 months to the day when I posted this.

Today my reasons are different, I think they’re much more solid this time. It’s no longer about how I’m affected by other players, it’s about how I affect other players.

I’ve always been able to persuade myself that other players are arseholes (non-guildies ofc, arseholes don’t last long in the munqui tribe), but it’s a very different thing when it’s myself.

Anyway, the bottom line is that while I’m watching the health bars and deciding which is the best spell for the job I am almost completely incapable of watching the screen (situational awareness). This means I’m a static player, which has been acceptable in the past but with Wotlk Blizzard have slightly changed their dungeons, they have, quite rightly, introduced more game-play mechanics requiring some more situational awareness (Nexus being an example). A little more situational awareness than I’m capable of unfortunately.

Last night for example, I really don’t think I was capable of doing much better. I’m healing my heart out so hard at times that it’s taking three more heals before I could spare the 1.5 seconds global cooldown to refresh my water shield. Then I die. Then the group dies.

I think my A+ game might have been enough last night, but that simply is available on demand, and  my playing last night  just wasn’t up to scratch for even a middling level heroic.

Time to take a break. Maybe work on this for a bit.

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