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Tuesday, 27 January, 2009

Misery loves company.

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There’s, see for me, prosthesis a timely post on PlusHeal from a new healer asking for tips on how to avoid tunnel vision. Makes me feel a little better, even though I’m not a new healer by any stretch. Most of the suggestions are about spotting when you are taking damage and remembering to heal yourself. I can do that, in fact I can usually move out of the poison puddles etc, though it takes a short time before I do (working on it). The good thing with puddles is even if you’re a little slow you only take an extra hit or two of damage, which isn’t usually fatal.

For me the real bastards are the AOE’s I call “Steam-Hammers”. There’s always a little forewarning (rumbling rocks in a circle, small Ice Crystals etc), and then WHAM! you’re hit for 100% of the possible damage. If you notice a little late and don’t quite clear the circle you don’t take a percentage of the damage, (I wish!), it’s still 100%! I can handle the puddles, even if I don’t see it on the screen I still get a hint because my health starts dropping, I look away from the bars at my toon and start moving. SteamHammers don’t show up on the bars, if you’re too focused you’re hit, and hit bad!

I do feel a fool, one of the responses said ” Scroll your camera view back so you can see more of your surroundings” which reminded me of how I used to handle the bombs in Zul’Aman and that was to scroll my camera far back and look straight down on my toon. That way I have a clear uninterrupted view of the ground/bombs. I completely forgot this trick! /kickself.

Anyway, I’m getting on with my UI changes, I’ll post what I’ve done when its finished the first draft. There’s a thread over on PlusHeal with player’s UI’s, there are very few resto-Shaman ui’s out there. My general impression is that they’re more cluttered that those of the other healing classes.

After that it’s messing around with the N52! That’s going to take a lot of thinking, 15 keys may sound like a lot, but some of them are very difficult to reach, and I’ve got a lot of situational totems and a few situational spells. Something to mull over on the bike journeys.

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