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Wednesday, 28 January, 2009

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Did a little more messing aroud with my setup, visit web it’s not bad, cialis 40mg though I may not get used to the chat window on the bottom right. I’ll probably move it back to the left again.

Strangely I was suffering from heavy heavy disk thrashing and the occasional ridiculously slow framerate (1fps!) Since I’ve actually disabled some addons this was unexpected. I suspect there’s something else going on. There’s still more addon’s I can trash. At varous points in the past I must have added pretty much every shaman addon I could find, tablets with much duplication and very little extra functionality. I think I’m going to strip down to Autobar and Gotwood.

I think the effort is going to be worth it just for the cleaner display. I think I’ll give it a try tonight in a Heroic Utgarde Keep PUG tonight. Another chance to go for Dalron’s Jerkin and build some confidence. If I get lucky I’ll have to start looking into getting some new pants, Flowersz current ones are from around level 75 ish! I can buy some stuff off the AH, but the crafted stuff seems to be lacking in mp5, and so is Flowersz, she could craft another JC mp5 gem I guess.

I had a poke at the Nostromo N52 and I’ve remembered why I’ve never adopted it. I think my hands are too small. There are 14 main keys, two of which are nigh on impossible to reach without moving my hand, subtract a further 6 keys for emergency movement, another for a shift key and the options start to be limited. The mouse scroll wheel thingy is an effort to reach. I can’t access two of the four directions on the “4 way D Pad”, again unless I move my hand. The Alt button is OK, but I’m having problems pressing that and any other keys except for perhaps the nearest ones, and it feels “claw” like when I do this. The “space bar” is just out of reach.

I think I must have a short thumb since most of the difficulties are thumb related.

I’ve ordered a different gamepad with an adjustable thumb. With some leftover christmas tokens, so it’s not like real money. I don’t expect it to make a big difference to my gameplay, it’s really the brain that needs changing!


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